The Smell of Water

At the soft place in the snowbank
Warmed to dripping by the sun
There is the smell of water.
On the western wind the hint of glacier.
A cottonwood tree warmed by the same sun
On the same day,
My back against its rough bark
Same west wind mild in my face.
A piece of spring
Pierced me with love for this empty place
Where a prairie creek runs
Under its cover of clear ice
And the sound it makes,
Mysterious as a heartbeat,
New as a lamb.
~Tom Hennen, “In the Late Season” from Darkness Sticks to Everything: Collected and New Poems. 

While walking the sloping hillside of our farm,
if I listen carefully,
I can hear trickling under the snow.
I can’t see it but I can hear and feel and smell the water;
as a hidden and mysterious melt happens.
Thawing under my feet-
as winter drains away,
spring is on the move.

I witness that which I have no control over,
this subtle softening of frozen ground-
unseen, yet as evident as the steady beating of my heart
as I too begin to thaw and melt
through the miracle of flowing grace
into whatever comes next.

2 thoughts on “The Smell of Water

  1. I was reminded of these words inspired by a Shaker sister and turned into a counted cross stitch pattern:

    “The song that lives during the heart of winter becomes the soul of spring.”

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  2. I wonder if the thaw of visitation restrictions due to COVID in healthcare facilities will happen before my father’s passing. The other night, when the nurse called me at 1:30 AM, I said at the end of our conversation, “I hope my father doesn’t die alone.” Her reply, “I don’t think he’s there yet.”
    I’ve been sending emails and calling my local Representatives. I’ve been told that our State Department of Health takes their orders from the CDC and CMS. If you have a family member or a friend in the same situation, please email and call your Representatives in Washington DC to encourage them to encourage the CDC and the CMS to review visitation restrictions. My father got his second vaccine 2 weeks ago, but still no hint of relaxed visitation restrictions.
    If you have a COVID negative test, you can play sports. Why not allow at least one family representative to visit a parent, if you have a COVID negative test?
    Sorry for my rant, but the most vulnerable need a few voices to let the world know they are lonely.

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