BriarCroft Haflingers Sold

BriarCroft Haflingers Sold

We provide all health and training history on every Haflinger we sell, as almost all of them were born and raised on our farm. We encourage any questions a buyer may have and will act with complete integrity in all transactions. If we do not feel we have a Haflinger that will meet your needs, we will make every effort to freely direct you to another farm that may have the right horse. We believe that of utmost importance is the right match between Haflinger and owner so the likelihood of our Haflingers finding a “forever” home is high. The right home for the right horse is more important than the price to us.

We have none of our Haflingers listed for sale and do not have plans for future breedings due to the oversupply of horses in North America at this time.  We do not want to contribute to the neglected or abandoned horse problem.

The following BriarCroft Haflingers have been sold over the years–we can provide contact information on request:
Golden Gaits–Norma and Ernest Jenner, Washington
Stroler–Jerry Newcomb, Washington, now in Langley, B.C.
Galaxy–Leaman family, Washington
Wyeth BCH–Cheri Elliott, Washington
Stehekin BCH–Paula Connaghan, Washington, now in California
Prudwyn NTF– Reifel family, Washington
Tiara BCH–Sandy Berg, Minnesota
Trillium BCH & Willough BCH–McKee family, Washington, now back at BriarCroft
Alleluia BCH–Sarah Diebert, Washington
Winterstraum BCH–Michele Shifler, Idaho
Willapa BCH–Dickson family, Washington
Maergrethe NTF–Rodenberger family, Washington, now in Virginia
Windsor NTF–K-Lee Wilson, Washington, now in California
Bound for Glory WBF & Madeleine BCH–Jennifer Runion, Oregon, now in Texas
Truffles BCH–Mary Ann Rose, California, now with the DeJesus family in Californiat
Naomi NTF–Larry & Emily Smith, Oregon, now in Utah
Meridian BCH–Marcia Davidson, Washington
Milky Way–Betsy Tumbas, California
Fauna–Rodenberger family–Washington
Windance BCH–Leslie Eaton, Nevada
Panache BCH–Krista Beebe, Texas, now in Illinois with Cris Potmesil
Myst BCH–Rita Grogan, California
Mocha BCH & Miracle BCH–Regina Reinach, California
Toccata BCH–Lori Fischer, Washington
Tempo BCH–Katrina Sullivan, Washington
Marquisse BCH–Gibbons family, Washington
Tamara van de Bijvank–Kathy Kukea, Hawaii
Tinka van de Weideweg–Erin Clancy, California
Finesse BCH and Nobility BCH–Nancy Hogan, Idaho
Antares 3RF–Blair Felton and Stu Asahina, Utah
Artful Dodger BCH–Sandy Hill, Oregon
Nonchalance BCH–Marci Hicks, Wyoming, now in California
Wintermond BCH–Barbara Pearson, Washington, now with Chris Cole, Washington
Marlee M&B–Westerop family, British Columbia, now back at BriarCroft
Wallenda BCH-Marci Hicks, Wyoming
Nightingale BCH–Kiola Krienke, Washington
Wintersun BCH–Sue Smith, Montana
NonPareil BCH–Linda Tarter, Washington
Bonney BCH–Sue Smith, Montana
Nordstrom BCH–Jessica Bryant, Washington

Nuance BCH–Kim Knott, Washington–now in Arizona

Narnia BCH–Kristen Demchuk, Washington

Brielle BCH–Stephanie Jones, Washington

BriarRose BCH–Krista Reischl, Washington

2 thoughts on “BriarCroft Haflingers Sold

  1. Rita Grogan reporting that Myst BCH is no longer with us. She had a horrible case of colic a few months ago and was humanely euthanized. She is missed. She was 21 years old and otherwise in good health.


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