Thirty Eight Years Ago


Tonight I received a remarkable email from Bill Grueskin, Dean of Academic Affairs at the Columbia University School of Journalism.    He looked me up on the web to share a scan of an article he wrote as a intern reporter in May 1975 for the Palo Alto Times.  He had been assigned to interview me after I returned to Stanford University following the Gombe kidnapping of May 19.    He keeps his articles like any good journalist and was reminded about this interview after his wife heard my professor and mentor Dr. David Hamburg at a Grand Rounds presentation at a New York Hospital today refer to the Gombe kidnapping and subsequent rescue of the students.

I was the age that our daughter is now–twenty.  This does not feel like it happened only yesterday.  It feels like it happened in another life. Thank you to Bill for sharing his story with me after all these years.  I’d like to hope I was one of his first interviews leading to his remarkable career of journalistic achievements.

Just click on the image of the article to get it to enlarge for easier reading.