Filthiness and Froth

No one can stem the tide; now watch it run
to meet the river pouring to the sea!
And in the meeting tumult what a play
of waves and twinkling water in the sun!

Ordained by powers beyond our ken,
beyond all wisdom, all our trickery,
immutable it comes, it sweeps, it ebbs
and clears the filthiness and froth of men.

~Jane Clement “No One Can Stem the Tide”

If one were to spend all their time just looking at news headlines, it would appear humankind is made up of nothing but “filthiness and froth.” Whether it is politics or entertainment or sports – there is little that is pristine, selfless or wise. We are all covered in the mess we’ve made of ourselves.

No one will be able to stem the tide when its cleansing power comes, nor should we. We are overdue for some serious sweeping up.

…filthy, frothy and fluffy…



Photo by Nate Gibson of sunset from Point No Point, Vancouver Island

Darkness ebbs in subtle drift,
Each day a little more
Exposed to light
Another languid hour.

Ebbs uncovered
Swayed by glowing
Tidal push of night
A deepened moon pool flowing.

Sun’s waves retreat in
Lengthening shadow stream
Restoring forfeited sleep
And shoring up midsummer’s dream.