Annual Easter Sunrise Service


2021 Easter Service Plans:

We fully support COVID precautions and state restrictions as we plan to host our outdoor April 4, 2021 Easter Sunrise Service at 7 AM.

All visitors and worshipers, even if fully vaccinated or considered immune from past COVID infection, are asked to wear face masks and observe appropriate social distancing whether we meet on the hillside, or in case of heavy rain, in our barn.



When we purchased Walnut Hill Farm from the Morton Lawrence family in 1990, part of the tradition of this farm was a hilltop non-denominational Easter sunrise service held here for the previous 10+ years.  We have continued that tradition, with an open invitation to families from our surrounding rural neighborhood and communities, as well as our church family from Wiser Lake Chapel, to start Easter morning on our hill with a worship service of celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

At our annual Easter Sunrise Service in Whatcom County starting at 7 AM, we develop a different Easter theme each year through use of scripture readings and songs, led by Dan Gibson. We sit on hay bales on the hill for the worship service, followed by breakfast of cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and coffee in our barn.  As many of the people who attend come from some distance from all over the county, we try to conclude by 8 AM so they may have time to get to morning church services.

We invite all to come to our farm to participate in this traditional service of celebration.  Please dress warmly with sturdy shoes as you will be walking through wet grass to reach the hilltop.  Bring heavy blankets or sleeping bags to wrap up in if it is a chilly morning.

In case of light rain, please bring umbrellas or wear your rain gear. If we have heavy rain, we will meet in the red hay barn.   We never cancel this service (except in the event of an emerging global pandemic!)




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For more information about the service, and how to find our farm, contact us at





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