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Briarcroft Haflinger Horses

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may18sunset1Sorry, we do not have Haflingers for sale at this time


Briarcroft haflinger horses BriarCroft, our breeding farm in scenic northwest Washington, began in 1985 with the purchase of our first Haflinger filly. We have a herd of top quality Haflingers, including several broodmares that have produced exceptional foals each year. These Haflingers have been carefully selected from the offspring of Austrian and Dutch imports to combine the best features of the Haflinger breed: calm, quiet temperament, excellent conformation, beautiful smooth movement, and correct color. Our Haflingers have done field work with harrow, manure spreader and plow, 30 mile mountain trail rides, won in dressage and jumping events, and served as schooling horses for students.
BriarCroft Haflinger Horses

Visitors to our farm can stroll over well-tended rolling pastures of an old dairy farm with the majestic peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the north, and Mount Baker and the Twin Sisters to the east, and enjoy traditional farm buildings once again filled with hay, grain, and the sounds and smells of our Haflingers. Our family is Dan (an attorney working for local county government), Emily (a family physician), and our children Nate, Ben, and Lea, now adults on their own. Stewardship, shown in care of the land and rehabilitation of the older buildings, extends to our breeding program and our desire that people who purchase Haflingers from us will love and enjoy these horses as we do.

Haflingers are a loving and gentle breed, with great grace and beauty, heartwarming to the soul and a delight to the eye. To own a Haflinger is to rediscover the joy of a having a horse become part of your family.

We prefer to keep our herd small so that daily handling is routine for our horses and from their first day, they learn to trust and respect people of all ages.  They are trained in ground work and manners up to age three, when they receive professional schooling under saddle with a dressage trainer, teaching them the fundamental basics that will serve them in any discipline in the future.  Our goal is to raise truly versatile Haflingers on our farm.
Briarcroft haflinger horses
In addition, we have participated in the American Haflinger Registry Inspection/Classification Program, with our mature Haflingers being evaluated by an international team of Haflinger experts according to breed standards set up by the World Haflinger Federation. We feel the input from this group of judges is essential to ensure the quality of our breeding program, as well as to provide that information to potential buyers considering a particular Haflinger from our farm. So far twelve of our horses have scored very well, with the average score being a silver-rated 75, with one mare born on our farm rating a rare “gold” score of 81.

BriarCroft Haflingers can be found from Hawaii to Utah to Kentucky and most western states. A listing of our past sales can be found on our sale page.

Our Horses
We have several pages of our Haflingers to view on line, including some for sale and some information about who we are:

We are a member of the American Haflinger Registry and Emily has served on the Registry Board of Directors for three terms.

2008 Waldheer van de Wortel fillies BriarRose BCH and Narnia BCH meet a visitor to the farm

Noblesse BCH photo by Kelsy Smith

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Join the Haflinger Friends internet discussion group! This is a supportive, encouraging community of Haflinger owners and enthusiasts who wish to share information about Haflinger health, nutrition, breeding, genetics, training, promotion and just plain old fashioned enjoyment.

                      (L) Wheaton and our old Amos                          (C) Sharing a kiss with a 3 month old foal                                     (R) Lea and Wheaton

Our hay barn at BriarCroft, built in the early 1900s from old growth timbers recycled from a nearby sawmill–drawing and watercolor by Dick Laninga

Official barn cat Jose who is learning to ride horseback at the walk, trot and canter, as well as over jumps

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  1. Would love to eventually have a Haflinger for my granddaughter. Please let me know if and when any might be available.


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