New Book Available: Almanac of Quiet Days

Almanac of Quiet Days is a book of fifty ekphrastic poems written by
Whidbey Island poet Lois Edstrom in response to fifty full color photographs taken by Emily Gibson of Whatcom County, Washington and featured on the Barnstorming Blog

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Ekphrastic poems are understood to focus only on works of art—usually paintings, photographs, or statues…to interpret, inhabit, confront, and speak to their subjects.

“Particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there is a good deal of such poetry…” wrote John Hollander in The Gazer’s Spirit, a collection of ekphrastic poems and the artworks they confront. Some of the ways modern poets have faced works of art, Hollander wrote, “include addressing the image, making it speak, speaking of it interpretively, meditating upon the moment of viewing it, and so forth.”

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Local Whatcom County folks!
You can find it on the poetry shelf at Village Books in Fairhaven and in Lynden

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“When in a single volume, verses of power and insight are joined with photographic images of striking natural beauty, the combination is a rare gift for reflection and enjoyment. How better to celebrate Creation in its varied forms!”

Poet and Author Luci Shaw

Reviews from readers:

This is a beautiful and uplifting book. The photos accompanying each lovely poem are perfectly paired. You can open to any page and be transported to a place of wonder and deep appreciation for the beauty of this world. I’m a long time reader of Emily Gibson’s blog, and I am delighted to be introduced to the work of Lois Parker Edstrom. This is a great book to gift, as well as own.
Melinda Coppola

I have been following Emily Gibson’s “Barnstorming” blog for many years, and I often marvel at her photography that stops me in my tracks. I was delighted when I found out that there is a book of her work, with an added plus – Poetry by Lois Parker Edstrom. Each page is a new delight. Summer is here, and the house guests are arriving. This is set up in the guest room with a comfy chair and view to the waterfall. I know my many guests will be as delighted as I have been for these moments of tranquility.
I highly recommend this book!
Leah Puhlman, Oregon

It’s a tender book. A peaceful one. And if the term “ekphrastic poetry,” has you scratching your head, let me add that, true to form, these ekphrastic poems draw from literal elements in Emily’s photos and then muse about them, expanding each photo’s potential interpretation. In these pieces, poet Lois comments on time and personal history; rural life and the natural world; relationships, beauty, awe—subjects photographer Emily regularly considers. A perfect poetry form to bring this photographer and this poet together.
~Cheryl Bostrom, WA

I have known of Emily’s photos for some time due to following her on social media, so when she recommended this book of Lois’ poetry, accompanied by Emily’s photos, it was, as is said, “a no brainer.” I have read the book through and have enjoyed both poems and photos. Now it is on my side table and I frequently pick it up just to open it up to any random page for a spiritual boost. I highly recommend it.
Brian Colgate, B.C.

The book is here! The photos are beautiful and so are the poems. They fit your photos well. I will enjoy it very much. Thank you and God bless you and yours.
Joyce Clements, AL

The photos are first class with thoughtful poetry alongside. I love it.
Nancy Matheis, WA

Received my copy of “Almanac of Quiet Days” this morning. It is wonderful from cover to cover. Your pictures and the poetry are so complimentary! Know I will enjoy reading it over and over.
Thanks to you, Ms Edstrom and the staff who put it all together. 
Pat Hanson, NY

We received our book today. It’s beautiful! We’re very grateful and feel so blessed.
Pastor Rick and Elizabeth Shafer, NC

I want to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying the pictures and poems in your book!  It is really lovely.  It’s amazing how the writer sees the pictures and how she comes to the words they inspire in her.  Wonderful!
Nancy Casey, WA

The beautifully illustrated poetry book arrived yesterday.  We will treasure it!
Eunice Powell and Ardis Lawrence, WA

I am ENTHRALLED with your book and the poems.  thank you thank you thank you.  What a bright beautiful place in my heart and life today.
Jack Newton, WA

This is just a note to tell you that your book arrived yesterday afternoon and I delighted in scanning the pages. I am glad you included the beautiful scene with the Haflingers grazing in the pasture surrounded by trees. It has been one of my favorites because of the serenity Ms. Edstrom described in her poem.
Pastor Michael Hirnuma, California

If you’re unsure of its meaning or find the term ‘ekphrastic poetry’ a little discouraging, purchase (at a very reasonable price!) a copy of Almanac of Quiet Days and enjoy the surprise of beautiful photography blended with excellent poetry inspired by the images.Together, photographer Emily Gibson and poet Lois Parker Edstrom have hit a bases-loaded grand slam you’ll want to enjoy again and again.
Rob Burnside, Pennsylvania

What a remarkable publication by two talented women!
Doug and Margaret Gibson, Nebraska

We just received the book and are delighted with it. Looking forward to many more of your heart-warming, thought-provoking posts on Barnstorming.
David Lewis,