Financial Support for Barnstorming


Financial Support for the Barnstorming Blog from our Readers

Your financial support helps to keep this blog an ad-free daily offering. Your contribution of any amount is encouragement to me and deeply appreciated.


For a limited time only:

I do have a few copies of our new book left – if you support Barnstorming with a $50 gift (put a 5 in the PayPal window above), I will mail you Almanac of Quiet Days containing fifty of my full color photographs that inspired award-winning Whidbey Island poet Lois Edstrom to write a poem for each photograph.

For current or past supporters of Barnstorming blog only:
any additional books purchased are $20 each, which covers my cost and the mailing cost. Thank you!

Thank you to these special readers who have financially supported this blog to keep it ad-free.  Bolded names have sent multiple donations.

Your gifts keep me going!

Alice LaChapelle, New York
Richard Shafer, North Carolina
Hope Hodges, Ohio
Evie Walter, Wisconsin
Diann Sherwin, Delaware
Teri Hyrkas, Minnesota
Kaylene Johnson, Alaska
Melinda Coppola, Massachusetts
Pat Hanson, New York
Wendy Edwards, California
Judy Grieve, South Carolina
Leah Puhlman, Oregon
Jo Monaghan, Idaho
Laura Afana, California
Jeff Jurgensen, Washington
Audra Lakatos, Ontario

Cheri Falk, New Hampshire
Glenda McCoy, Missouri
Barb Pearson, Oregon
Skye Blaine, California
Keith Shadden, Oklahoma
Jeanelle Kious, New Mexico
Diane Benard, Florida
Sally Edwards, Connecticut
Nancy Shores, Kentucky
Andrew Wiles, France
Mary Engel, Arizona
Valerie Lemelin, Virginia
Jill Hanigofsky, Ohio
Angie Bode, Washington
Ernest and Norma Jenner, Washington
Jolene Sullivan, Michigan
Jean Herringa, Washington
Sara Watson, Washington
Dorine Zehr, Oregon
Kristin Ullom, Indiana
Wayne Sewell, Oklahoma
Sandra Molnar, Victoria, B.C.
Carla Arnell, Illinois
Suzanne Vlietstra, California
Sally Hansen Bowen, Washington
Wanda Moon, Michigan
Brian Colgate, Victoria, BC
Peggy Skolmen, Washington
David Lewis, Indiana
Nancy Glover, Connecticut
Joyce Clement, Alabama
Anne Payne, Illinois
Ann Lawthers, Massachusetts
Patricia Verge, Alberta
Kay Jensen, Washington
Polly Castor, Connecticut
Richard Mayfield, California
Joni Hensley, Washington
Christine Perica, Colorado
Judy Tucker, Washington
Barbara Burkard, Ontario
Jack Brewer, Kansas
Linda Walpole, Colorado
Sherrie Lee Wade, Oregon
Joy Ekstrand, California
Stephene Moseley, California
Donna Spaulding, Missouri
Kristine Ourso, Louisiana
Philip Gibson, Michigan

10 thoughts on “Financial Support for Barnstorming

  1. Love your blog! The photographs make me long for the Northwest! My father’s family were from Sunnyside area, but I was born in Vancouver, WA. We moved all the way to the east coast when I was younger and I now live in the south. Your insights are lovely. I found you through Ann VosKamp’s blog.
    Just wanted to say “thank you” for sharing!


  2. With two nurses in my family — my late Mum and my 2nd sister — how could I not want to support you with this book of poetry.
    In the end, I know the postage will be more to Canada, even though we’re just across the Salish Sea, so please let me know and I’ll send more to cover it.


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