Between the Fading Leaves





This is the spot:—how mildly does the sun
Shine in between the fading leaves! The air
In the habitual silence of this wood
Is more than silent; and this bed of heath—

Where shall we find so sweet a resting-place?

Come, let me see thee sink into a dream
Of quiet thoughts protracted till thine eye
Be calm as water when the winds are gone
And no one can tell whither.

My sweet Friend,
We two have had such happy hours together
That my heart melts in me to think of it.
~ William Wordsworth, “Traveling”  from The Collected Poems of William Wordsworth






Air so silent.  Filtered sunlight on fading leaves.
So calmed with quieting thoughts and restfulness
that my eye is like still water:

Yet how,
within the daily barrage of headlines, broadcasts and opinion experts,
of threats and lies and redemption denied,
can I find calm and stillness?

Where are my sweet friends
for whom my heart melts in remembrance and gratitude?

This is the spot.  This is our respite.  This is where we find one another.






2 thoughts on “Between the Fading Leaves

  1. An inspired ‘invitation’ to stillness, solitude, contemplation…
    In order to enter into any of these mind-soul labyrinths, it is crucial that we try to achieve silence, shut out the inane cacophony that assails our mind and soul spirit each day (as you note, Emily). This is not always an easy task. The prophets, the mystics of all ages, attest that this is the way that we can achieve true mental health and communion with our Creator-God.
    We need to await patiently that precious time for ‘soul healing,’ to ‘listen,’ to remember, and to reflect upon what He has to ‘say’ to us and our ‘reason for being’ within His presence – within His salvific Kingdom that has been promised us by Him — Jesus the Christ — our ‘faith baseline’ that continually nurtures and protects us from all that seeks to deflect, turn us aside from our faith journey through temptation and false promises. It is within that precious time that we also remember: loved ones and friends who have preceded us and now reside in their eternal home. We remember and seek forgiveness for those whom we have misjudged or ignored in some way by failing to ‘see them with His eyes’ and cast them away from our friendship and any assistance that we might have extended to them.

    The pictures that you have chosen for your message today are perfect, Emily. I especially like the hazy, partly blurred projection of ‘unseen otherness,’ part reality, part wonder and awe about what is ‘really’ there. The technique instantly reminds me of Paul’s use of mirror images in 1 Corinthians 13:12 where he states that ‘at present we see indistinctly, as in a mirror, but then, face to face. At present I know partially; then I shall know fully,…’

    (Because of my love for animals, I am partial to the very distinct picture of the exquisite, lovely, gentle Doe resting under a tree, feeling safe, attentive to her surroundings but still wary, as she awaits silence, as she listens to her inner world – or perhaps waiting for a friend’s company to share their life experiences….)

    Thank you, Emily, for this ‘meaty’ contemplation today.


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