Simple Little Pleasures

photo by Nate Gibson
photo by Nate Gibson

I believe the nicest and sweetest days
are not those on which anything very splendid
or wonderful or exciting happens
but just those that bring simple little pleasures,
following one another softly,
like pearls slipping off a string.
~L.M. Montgomery from Anne of Avonlea



I’ve never owned pearls
but can imagine watching them slip off a string
would provoke anxiety they could be lost to me forever.

Instead, I seek the simple pleasure
of a run in the field at dusk
just to follow my nose wherever it takes me:
to find the smelliest spot
to roll about, ecstatic with life,
knowing I carry that scent with me
the rest of my days, never to be lost.

photo by Nate Gibson
photo by Nate Gibson

2 thoughts on “Simple Little Pleasures

  1. Hi Emily: I love this piece!
    I like LM Montgonery’s writing, but the photos are great. The third one is just equisite!!!
    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Am jealous of Sam’s and Homer’s ability to surrender to total nothingness and freedom.
    If we could do that there would be no need for shrinks or tranquilizers.
    I do think, though, that the teenager Homer IS quite the ham actor. Sam retains his quiet
    dignity through it all, as befits his seniority.


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