A Poem About Cheese

The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.

from Pleasant Valley Dairy

from Steensma Dairy on Ellie’s visit to Holland

Until now, that is…

It may be gouda for me to know
that cheddar is better – I’m totally nokkelost

Maasdam! It would take a swiss kick to the asiago
to dubliner my efforts to string the praises of gorgonzola

It could be a muenster of a havarti
to provolone the colby truth

Edam, what a mozzarella I’ve made for myself
ever since I got caught leyden and didn’t know jack

But it is all up to quark-y feta;  ask for parmesan
and it may gruyere on me, what a squeaker!

Ricotta go now
~a  farmer is waiting for me on the farmstead

from Appel Farms
from Steensma Dairy

thank you to our local cheese producers for their photos of their cheeses – Appel Farms
Pleasant Valley Dairy
Steensma Dairy

8 thoughts on “A Poem About Cheese

  1. I love cheese, and loved the poem! the names remind me of a few years spent in a dutch reformed church in southern california: venstra, zandstra, and bovencamp, the latter from lynden! perhaps you knew the family? fun post today!! always, thank you!!

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  2. Cheesed Off

    “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” – G. K. Chesterton

    Upon reading this well-aged quote,
    I laughed, then felt provoked
    Challenged by this round
    Stilton-loving bloke
    With your Parmesan, Munster Cheddarton
    I’ll poke holes in your claim;
    I Camembert the thought
    You’ve sullied poetry’s Gouda name
    Your sharp indictment stinks
    Like Limburger – pee-yew
    It grates upon my nerves
    Tilsit’s about to spew
    I need to unwind now
    I think I’ll host a fondue party
    With Roquefort’s big cheeses
    Gruyere, Brie, Havarti
    But I won’t be a little Bleu
    If Feta doesn’t get my note
    The last time that that cheese-head came
    Edam well brought his goat

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