A New Book for You!

Many of you have asked over the years: when will there be a book from Barnstorming?

Thanks to a creative collaboration with award-winning poet Lois Edstrom from nearby Whidbey Island, a new book is now available with fifty full color photographs from Barnstorming, each accompanied by a poem written by Lois.

This is a beautiful book to page through slowly, drinking in Lois’ words inspired by my images you’ll recognize from the Barnstorming Blog.

The book is available now for pre-order from Amazon, but you can receive it as a gift from me when you donate to help support Barnstorming.

Thank you all for your faithful readership and support of the Barnstorming Blog!

Emily Gibson

4 thoughts on “A New Book for You!

  1. Such fantastic news here! I’ve long been thinking a book would be so very excellent – congratulations! I can’t wait – and, also, a great gift idea!

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