Deep in Darkness

Now I am still
And plain:
No more words….

And deep in the darkness is God.
~Rainer Maria Rilke from The Inner Sky: Poems, Notes, Dreams

Some days words simply don’t come.
I am stilled – waiting.
God is in the plainness of my emptiness.
He is there – waiting.

5 thoughts on “Deep in Darkness

  1. Bless you, Emily–I identify with the expectant waiting for words.. But you have continually astonished me with your daily outpouring of words–your own and others’! I have often wondered how you were able to do it when your life is packed full with fruit-bearing of so many different kinds! Today is no different, really–your words few, simple, but still full and profound and full of expectancy–waiting on God is worship and faith. Uplifting. I love you.

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  2. Your words & the words of others you share are so beautiful & heartfelt! Thank you for the beautiful photos as well-I feel transported to places of beauty & peace!

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  3. Thank you, dear Emily. I totally agree with Jo.
    Today’s post leaves me without words — only a deep silence to thank Him once again for His silent reassurance.
    Our gift of faith in Him and his Promises to us are so easy sometimes to take for granted, especially when we
    tend to be wondering why He does not seem to be hearing us, or at least have a hint that He is ‘working on’ the
    pervasive anguish that we are suffering….Such doubt or impatience is certainly a fault that we humans seem to
    hold onto at times.

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