A Benediction of Mourning

The waning October moon reluctantly rose,
pulling back from the full globe of a few nights before.

I drive a night darkened country road, white lines sweeping past,
aware of advancing frost in the evening haze,
anxious to return home to fireplace light.

Nearing a familiar corner, a stop sign loomed,
to the right, a rural cemetery sits silently expectant.

Open iron gates and tenebrous headstones,
in the middle path, incongruous, a car’s headlights beam bright.
I slowed, thinking: lovers or vandals would seek inky cover of night.

Instead, these lights illuminate a lone figure, kneeling graveside,
one hand resting heavily on a stone, head bowed in prayer.

A stark moment of solitary sorrow,
invisible grieving of the heart
focused by twin beams.

A benediction of mourning; light piercing their blackness,
as gentle fingertips trace the engraved letters of a beloved name.

An uneasy witness, I withdraw as if touched myself
and drive on into the night, struggling to see
through the thickening mist of my eyes and the road.

Angel of Grief–Stanford University

A book of beauty in words and photography, available for order here:

6 thoughts on “A Benediction of Mourning

  1. Such marvelous photography and touching words! Your beautiful piece brought to mind this epigraph from Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow:
    “Magnanimous Despair alone
    Could show me so divine a thing…”

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  2. Greetings, Emily,
    This one hit me hard.
    On Wednesday our younger daughter lost her baby (4th child) through miscarriage, just one week shy of her second trimester.
    We kept a candle lit at our icon stand for three days as a kind of “benediction of mourning” and prayer for the repose of the soul of the baby and comfort for the family.
    We are praying that she will conceive again.

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  3. Beautifully described almost mystical experience in a silent meditation on loss, grieving, loneliness aided by the looming darkness — except, almost by an unseen hand, we see the LIGHT — always the LIGHT – that attests His Presence here as He has always promised us — that He would be there with us through it all!

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