Losing Foliage

In the shallows of the river
After one o’clock in the afternoon
Ice still
An eighth of an inch thick.
Night never disappears completely
But moves among the shadows
On the bank
Like a glimpse of fur.
Flies and spiderwebs
Appear alone in the flat air.
The naked aspens stand like children
Waiting to be baptized
And the goldenrod too is stripped down
To its bare stalk
In the cold
Even my thoughts
Have lost their foliage.
~Tom Hennen
“At the Beginning of Winter”, from Looking Into The Weather.

My thoughts are stripped bare these days,
no flowers or flourishing foliage left behind-
just stark rows of naked branches, waiting,
orderly and plain.

It is the nature of winter
to think only of the essentials
when night is always creeping
around the edges of midday.

There is silence outside
and echoing in my head,
while waiting for something,
remarkable to bud out
and bloom.

2 thoughts on “Losing Foliage

  1. Some phases of Winter can be gloomy and unforgiving.
    But this year, our minds continue to be oppressed, drained
    by COVID’s ever-increasing mortality rate, by
    the hundreds and thousands each day we wake.
    Then there is the constant barrage of news from all sectors
    of governments(s) (here and in other nations)
    that seem to tear at our souls and cause us to fear
    what kind of future we are headed into….
    I wonder if all this is a chastisement from our Creator-God or if
    we truly are in an advancing state of the prophesied ‘end times.’
    Regardless which it is, we know that we have a loving – but
    fair and righteous – God who sees and knows all of our tribulations.
    And we believe through His Word and Jesus’ promises to us
    that our Faith and Trust in Him will carry us through….

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