Something Finished

Gold of a ripe oat straw, gold of a southwest moon,
What is there for you in the birds, the birds, the birds, crying
down on the north wind in September, acres of birds spotting
the air going south?

Is there something finished? And some new beginning on the

I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.
~Carl Sandburg from “Fall Time” and “Autumn Movement”

My summer of “no doctoring” finishes today. I return to part-time clinical work tomorrow; a new beginning is on the way.

I am readying myself.

I consider how it will feel to put the stethoscope back on and return to spending most of my daylight hours in window-less rooms. Several months of freedom to wander and wonder will be tough to give up.

However, when I meet my first patient of the day, I’m “all in.” Someone is needing my help more than I need time off. The wind has shifted, it is time to migrate back to the work I was called to do over forty years ago.

Still I will look for beautiful things where I can find them, knowing that even though they don’t last, they will always be well worth the weeping.

6 thoughts on “Something Finished

  1. “They will always be well worth the weeping”… what an amazing line. September always affects me this way, my birth month, and I think it will be my death month too, although, hopefully not this year! Autumn brings me alive in all ways worth weeping over. Love itself is so often tears of empathy, compassion, hope, beauty. Way up here in the Blue Mountains crimson has come to the tips of things. A flame of color as high summer winks out. Your blogs are one of my “beautiful things, Emily, well worth the weeping over. I feel like anyone who reads them would be a kindred spirit.

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  2. I love the thoughts and beautiful photos. I love the plowed fields and finished harvest fields. Amazing photo of the birds flying south! What a beautiful rhythm God has established in the Creation of all things and order in the world.

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  3. God bless you Emily as you put your stethoscope back on. What an incredible ministry you participate in as a doctor and I am so thankful you had this summer to dive into “beautiful things.” You are a noticer as my grandmother always described to me – one who sees the God gifts in creation! And we so appreciate that you share them with us.

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  4. A bittersweet reality of all that we face on our earth journey … but so worth it … seeing, if only for each short season, the stunning beauty of all of God’s gifts to us in nature and in all of His Creation Hoping that your brief sojourn revitalized your reserve for the days ahead at W.S. Your young people still need your professional expertise and, especially, your deep compassion and understanding as they try to cope with the seemingly unsolvable problems and decisions they face..

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