Get Up and Go About the Day

Light wakes us – there’s the sun
climbing the mountains’ rim, spilling across the valley,
finding our faces.
It is July,

between the hay and harvest,
a time at arm’s length from all other time…

It is the time
to set aside all vigil, good or ill,
to loosen the fixed gaze of our attention
as dandelions let seedlings to the wind.
Wake with the light.
Get up and go about the day and watch
its surfaces that brighten with the sun.
~Kerry Hardie from “Sleep in Summer”

Saying good-bye to July
is admitting summer is already half-baked
and so are we–
we are still doughy
and not nearly done enough.

The rush to autumn is breathless.
We want to hold on tight
to our longish days
and our sweaty nights
for just a little while longer…

Please, oh please
grant us light
and steady us for the task
of getting ready and letting go.

4 thoughts on “Get Up and Go About the Day

  1. Ah, Yes…
    ‘LETTING GO.’ One of the most difficult concepts in our lexicon —
    particularly when used by a type-A personality and the gift of Free Will!
    Juggling both at one time often creates an internal skirmish with our soul.


  2. Letting go has been my life since 2017.
    Cleaned out and sold the farm that was in the family since 1900.
    Moved and then moved again in 2019 and let go of my marbled paper and book collection
    and more less cherished stuff.
    Moved again in June of 2020 in the midst of a pandemic and let go of 3 more pieces of furniture.
    Let go of good health for 72 years with a cancer diagnosis in 2019.
    Our denomination has congregations pulling away and separating because we can’t agree about certain issues.
    Friends and relatives have died. Most recently my cousin’s husband, Glenn.
    64 years old and an elder in his church, a very successful and respected businessman,
    and a very loving husband and father and grandfather. Died with the virus.
    The last book he read…Imagine Heaven by Burke.
    Lots of letting go. Haven’t been to church since March. It’s all virtual,
    Had one hug, since March. I think my grandniece knew I needed one.
    Can’t see smiles anymore. Lots of letting go.
    Glenn was ready for Heaven. I guess I need to be getting ready for the same.

    I’ve been walking twice daily, since the start of the pandemic. I have been walking to maintain my sanity.
    The start of my walk is getting later, because the sun is waiting longer to rise.
    And I’m walking earlier in the evening, because the sunset is arriving earlier.
    Yes, the next season is on the way. I don’t like going in the direction of shorter days,
    but that is where we are – once again.
    I’m thankful I have let go of so many possessions. Only things to clutter my space.
    Now, I know what I have and I know where it is.
    Simplify, simplify. HDT
    Health and the loss of friends and family is more difficult to accept.
    But, that is all a part of getting ready.


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  3. So many losses, Linda, and difficult times for the transition we all face. But readying is part of acceptance and in some ways, a way of thankfulness. Thank you for sharing the courage it takes to take each step. Hugs to you, Emily


  4. Linda,
    Your sad litany of ‘letting go’ touched my heart so. Perhaps because I am in the same
    position now. Your undoubtedly heartfelt wrenching pain of so many losses and abrupt life
    changes coming together in close proximity seem too much to bear.

    It is obvious, Linda, that it is Jesus,
    together with your faith and trust in Him and His Presence through your losses is the only way that you have
    met these sorrowful losses with such courage — and yet, you still manage to sustain hope
    in the saving vision of what is to come eventually that will bring you peace and acceptance.

    Jesus does not ever ‘take’ from us, my sister in Christ, He can only ‘give’ because He is LOVE —
    not the sometimes fleeting kind of imperfect human love, but the kind that comes to your soul in
    healing, holy silence, remaining with you until the end of your days until He calls you to return ‘home.’
    One of Jesus’ promises was (and remains so): ‘I will never leave you. I will be with you until the end…’

    Please know, Linda, that I will be with you in your prayer. You WILL come through this and, in so doing,
    you will be given the gift of understanding, comforting Wisdom that will help you to share with others when their time
    of ‘letting go’ occurs (as it does with everyone at some point in their temporary earthly life).

    Alice NY.

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