Gladness to the Soul

Dry is all food of the soul
if it is not sprinkled with the oil of Christ.
When thou writest, promise me nothing,
unless I read Jesus in it.
When thou conversest with me on religious themes,
promise me nothing if I hear not Jesus’ voice.
Jesus—melody to the ear,
gladness to the soul,
honey to the taste.
~Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)

The world, to our limited vision, exists as light and shadow.
Without shadow, nothing has depth or detail.
Without light, there will be no shadow.

There is no flower that blooms, no story told, no song sung, no food eaten that doesn’t bear the color and melody and sweetness of Jesus himself.

He infiltrates all because He encompasses all.
He is shadow, He is light, He is why we are at all.
Our eyes, our ears, our tongues fill with gladness whose Name is Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Gladness to the Soul

  1. Emily, you and St. Bernard have given us profound reminders of what we all need so desperately in these times
    of chaos, destruction and dismantling of much of what we have always held dear and enduring — in our
    nation and in our personal lives.

    Crucial lasting changes MUST be made, Hurtful attitudes, mistaken assumptions and behaviors against many
    in our society need to change. That is a given!
    BUT only with God’s Wisdom and help can we do that. And soon!
    As you so rightly say, Emily: He…is ALL.
    Trying to attempt making any changes must include God’s input.
    Not to be acutely aware of this imperative need would be futile. We would be giving
    our attempts mere lip service and continued pumped up political manipulative chicanery.
    We have had more than enough of that. It has brought us dangerously to the
    brink, a very few steps from the precipice from which we may never return..

    Thank you, Emily. We need your Wisdom reminders — brief and often, so they
    linger longer in our memories.

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