To Find My Way





into the coppery halls
of beech and intricate oak
to be close to the trees
as they whisper together
let fall their leaves,
and we die for the winter 
~Katherine Towers “Whim Wood” from The Remedies







Lord: it’s time. The summer was magnificent. 
Lay your shadows upon the sun-dials 
and o’er the isles allow your winds to vent.

Command the final fruits to be full and fine; 
give them two more days in the southern sun, 
push them to completion and then run 
the last sweetness through the heavy wine.

He who now has no house, will build one never. 
He who is alone, will long so remain, 
will awaken, read, lengthy letters pen 
and in the lanes will forever 
restlessly wander, when the leaves are driven.
~Rainer Maria Rilke “Autumn Day”







I’m drawn to pathways that lead to an unseen destination ahead.

Perhaps the endpoint is out of sight round a curve, or over a rise, or it is too far distant for my eyes to find.

I’m called to journey forth, even when staying put seems easier.  There is a restlessness to these days, to these wanderings, as I keep looking behind to see where I’ve been.

Lord, help me find my way.  Lord, it is time I find my way.







10 thoughts on “To Find My Way

  1. This is unsettling and very ominous. I do not know what to make of it….all that I read here seems to far exceed the metaphorical terms usually associated with the ‘death’ of Autumn….

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  2. Yes, the words … Find My Way …
    Cause me to think about the question I ask myself…
    What is my purpose?
    Sometimes in life I felt like I knew the answer to that question.
    Now, I’m not sure…maybe I just don’t want to be about
    what God has called me to be about these days.
    Lord, help me find my way and to be content with the present path that lies before me.

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  3. most are in the neighborhood or in the Pacific NW region — the beech tree road is in northern Ireland, not exactly the Pacific Northwest, but a magical place nevertheless… I like the thought of Heaven’s allure! thank you, Sally!



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