Whispery Pink

Not a color I’ve wanted to wear—too
innocently girlish, and I’m not innocent,
not a girl. But today the gnarled cherry trees
along Alabama Street are decked out
like bridesmaids—garlands in their hair,
nosegays in their hands—extravagant,

finally the big spring wedding to splurge,
and hang the cost. Each really wants to be
the bride so she can toss her bouquet until,
unaccustomed, the gutters choke
with pink confetti that flies up and whirls
in the wake of cars going west…

~Luci Shaw from “Pink” in What the Light Was Like

If you stand in an orchard
In the middle of Spring
and you don’t make a sound
you can hear pink sing,
a darling, whispery song of a thing.
~Mary O’Neill from Hailstones and Halibut Bones “Pink”

I have always avoided wearing anything pink
other than the blush of my windblown cheeks
on a brisk April morning.
Yet how can I help but listen to pink
as its blooms burst open all around me,
bubbling with pastel ebullience,
whispering me awake in the morning
and gently bidding me goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Whispery Pink

  1. What a gorgeous parade of pink.
    Reminds me of spun sugar treat at the late Summer Fairs
    when I was a kid.
    (Emily, you are an absolute genius photographer —
    in the variety, colors, placement of your presentations….)
    Thank you for a lovely treat today!

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  2. We always love your words and sharing of poetry and music Emily, but your photographs are absolutely exquisite! You have posted the one of the cherry tree reflected in the water previously and it is one of my favorites. I would love to see that printed on a wrapped canvas about 5′ x 5′ Just beautiful! As always, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That Sakura tree was reflected in a river in the middle of very busy Yokohama, Japan, with people and traffic everywhere. It was like a little spot if beauty amid the chaos of humanity. Not sure it would do well in a big print- just a quick iPhone picture while I walked across a busy bridge. Thank you for also seeing its specialness.


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