Lest We Forget

Let me remember you, voices of little insects, 
Weeds in the moonlight, fields that are tangled with asters, 
Let me remember, soon will the winter be on us, 
Snow-hushed and heavy. 
Over my soul murmur your mute benediction, 
While I gaze, O fields that rest after harvest, 
As those who part look long in the eyes they lean to, 
Lest they forget them.
~Sara Teasdale from “September Midnight”
If I were called upon to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire twentieth century, here too, I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again:
Men have forgotten God.
~Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn from his 1983 acceptance speech for the Templeton Prize
Lest I forget…

I look long in the eyes I lean to

whether loved one, or mountains,  or garden, or flower

or the face of God Himself.

I cannot risk forgetting what must be remembered — encased in my heart
like a treasured photograph, like a precious gem, like a benediction that soothes me quiet when anxious.
It is His ultimate promise: He won’t forget me either –
looking long in my eyes that lean in to Him.

2 thoughts on “Lest We Forget

  1. “…I will never forget you. See, upon the palms of my hands I have written your name’ (Isaiah 49:15-16).
    That is one of Our Father’s knowing, compassionate Promises that keeps me going — when I fall and cannot rise on my own, when I feel confused and lost,
    when I momentarily doubt that He IS there and that he DOES see and mourn along with all of His innocent ‘children’ in our disintegrating godless world who are suffering — physically, emotionally broken and wounded within their souls, who are reaching out to Him in faith and in hope that He will understand and will ease their pain.


  2. I was fascinated by your linking of the forgetting of Summer and the forgetting of God. Here in England the weather has definitely turned from Summer to Autumn. Sometimes with our temperate climate shaped by the Atlantic Ocean our summers can be quite autumnal too but this year has been different. It has been a glorious Summer although I am glad that our watercourses are running more freely again.
    I have often been struck and quite surprised by the way that people, even those who have lived long lives, seem to be taken by surprise by the changes in the seasons each year.
    I am going to ponder the connection that you make. I think that you may be onto something. It also increases my gratitude for the wisdom of the Church’s liturgical calendar and its constant calls to remember at each stage of the year.


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