The Benevolence of Water Washing Dust







Even at noon the house is dark.
In my room under the eaves
I hear the steady benevolence
of water washing dust
raised by the haying
from porch and car and garden
and purified, as if tonsured.

The grass resolves to grow again,
receiving the rain to that end,
but my disordered soul thirsts
after something it cannot name.
~Jane Kenyon from “August Rain, After Haying”






A long-awaited string of rainy days have arrived and like the ground and plants, I look skyward letting the clouds drip on me and I am washed of dust.

Will I restore like the brown and dying blade of grass, turning green and lush in a matter of days?

Is there enough benevolence from the sky to cleanse and settle the grime, and still yield more harvest of food and fodder?  Will this replenish my soul enough that I can resolve to grow again?

I thirst for what I cannot name.  The mystery is, I’m filled, left dripping and ready.













3 thoughts on “The Benevolence of Water Washing Dust

  1. I also thirst for rainy days, rare happenings in our present northern California world, leaving me to treasure memories from long ago life in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you.

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  2. ‘I thirst for what I cannot name.’ I think that thought, that primal need, is present in all seekers. And we are ALL seekers. We never cease being seekers.
    The unseen unending Graces that He ‘rains down’ upon us, as we travel on our sometimes difficult journey nurture us, protect us, guide us, sustain us in ways that we
    are never completely aware. But when we take the time to stop, to become aware, to actually feel His loving Presence within it is as if we have been born anew. Your words, Emily, “filled, left dripping and ready” describe this awesome effect perfectly.
    Thank you for helping me to remember and to thank Him.


  3. Got the word this afternoon that my aunt is now on hospice.
    Her prayer is for God to take her home.
    She simply misses he husband who passed several years ago
    and has no desire to stay.
    She thirsts for Heaven.
    A favorite quote of mine…
    All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen. RWE


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