Puzzling It Out

In a corner of the kitchen
By the window
On a card table with a lamp
Lies an unfinished jigsaw puzzle.

Take a moment
To create order out of chaos
Fit a piece to its unique spot
Finding connection, completion, continuity.

First the border pieces
Placed to create boundaries of
Firm foundational building blocks
Outside which stray in peril.

Then grouping ‘like’ pieces-
Creating community to find the fit;
Some pieces blend together while others
Seem to go nowhere at all.

Turn and twist each part to find the way
It connects to another even if it doesn’t seem to belong
Too irregular, wrong size or strange color-
It still has its place yet to be discovered.

The holes in the puzzle become
Unfulfilled potential at the edge of precipice,
Often more emptiness than substance
Awaiting bridging bonds.

Slow progress to fill the gaps
Finding relationships from edge to edge
To fit together what seemed an impossibility
When scattered about at random with no order.

Like instruments of the orchestra blended,
Or intertwined threads of a tapestry,
Life’s fragmented puzzle once completed
Becomes magnificent masterpiece, whole and holy.

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