Tree Secrets







Of winter’s lifeless world each tree
Now seems a perfect part;
Yet each one holds summer’s secret
Deep down within its heart.
~ Charles G. Stater










Enduring the dark and quiet winter months, the trees appear to doze deep while standing stark naked against the sky, roused only by the whipping of the winds and when breaking under a heavy coat of ice.

It is uneasy sleep.

When I look close now, I can tell:
they conceal summer secrets under their skin, the sap flows thick and sluggish, there is a barely palpable pulse in those branches.

A heart pumps within, readying.









One thought on “Tree Secrets

  1. What a beautiful, deeply profound example of our struggle for survival, continuity, refusal to ‘give up,’ to cease trying when we are buffeted by troubles beyond our ability to cope and to survive.

    The ‘Gardner’ plans and executes the means — the desire, growth and survival in such a perfect way, because only He can do it — because he loves and cares for each life form, each entity that He has created. He continues to do this – – even when we stubbornly, and in willful pride and arrogance turn away from Him. But He never stops trying. He keeps gently knocking on the door of our soul (the door with the latch on the inside) ensuring that only WE can will to open it and admit Him into our lives…

    Thank you, dear Emily, for another appropriate meditation piece.

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