The Angles of Winter




Long yellow rushes bending
above the white snow patches;
purple and gold ribbon
of the distant wood:
what an angle
you make with each other as
you lie there in contemplation.
–  William Carlos Williams, January Morning – XII




For the past eleven days, millions of us wake reluctant to contemplate the headlines:

At what cross purposes are we now?
What right and left angles have been sharpened in the night?
What blowing snow covers a multitude of sins, hiding what we know lies beneath?

And when, O God,  will a naked and merciless January yield to the more welcoming light of Your spring?




6 thoughts on “The Angles of Winter

  1. I had to laugh when I realized I first read your post title as the Angels of Winter. I guess I’m not one of the millions. I don’t read the headlines everyday. I do appreciate your posts and photo’s evrryday! Thanks so much Emily.


  2. Spoken like the prophet that you are, dear Emily.

    If ever there were a clarion call for ALL people of ALL faith beliefs (or none) to unite in solidarity to stem the current onslaught of pure madness, It is NOW! We have acquiesced for decades too long in allowing this unmitigated evil to continue unnamed, unabated, unchallenged in our nation and in our world.

    Heinous, savage crimes against our Creator- God and humanity are being committed on a massive scale, in uncounted numbers, against our brothers and sisters in our own nation and in nearly every nation on earth in the name of the American people. We do this by allowing our tax dollars to be used (manipulated), in many instances cleverly hidden, to purchase and to sell armaments and other means of mass suffering and destruction. We force our uninvited military and frightening weapons’ presence on other nations, disrupting their culture, their economy, interfering with their self determination. We call this unwanted invasion ‘nation building,’ We are governed by an oligarchy of super wealthy, self-serving, greedy people who buy their way into power, totally and cleverly by-passing our Constitutional and subsequent legislative protections.. Our entire foreign policy is planned and implemented by a cadre of powerful amoral persons whose allegiance is to no one but themselves and their selfish interests, resulting in hegemony and eventual world domination.

    I have in my mind now a picture of the ancient prophets of Israel and Judea raising their open palms to Yahweh (perhaps, at times, in utter frustration, even shaking their fists?) pleading for His intervention to intercede to bring the people back to their Covenant relationship with Him. For Christian believers, it was the teaching and the love of the Incarnate God, Jesus, who showed us what our priorities must be as we accept responsibility and care for each other in our earthly journeys. For those who claim no specific faith, the Creator of all placed within each of us an innate sense of right and wrong to guide us in making ‘right’ moral choices. Some call that ‘presence’ ‘soul;’ some call it ‘conscience,’ Others cannot name it but, even in the worst of times, they sense it — within their deepest being.

    That Presence is what we must call upon now to enable us with the desire and the courage to strip away the escalating evils of greed and the intolerant hatred of the ‘other’ that have divided us and all humanity for far too long and, in so doing, place us on the path back to the Creator of ALL life who gifts us with love, peace, purpose. .


  3. i am sorry that politics has entered your blog. there were no good choices this time around, except in the primaries. i am in the world, but not of the world, and i am keeping my focus on Him. your photography and words have blessed me. but the political drivel here has become a poison, like judas. i choose to focus on living out my faith, not politics.


  4. Your Philippians 4:8,9 quote here in the sidebar! I’m feeling a lot the same as Marylou about the political thoughts. I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of living in a “democracy”–the NT writers didn’t rail about the political situations in which they found themselves–they had no choice in the matter at all, so they HAD to trust the Lord. We do, too, even though we supposedly get to choose our leaders. The only thing is, I would hesitate to call what has been written here as drivel, since the words represent genuinely held beliefs, and we’re all entitled to those. But I much prefer enjoying the awesome photography and inspiring quotes, which keep our hearts and spirits centered on Him who, “for the joy set before Him endured the cross…” He empowers us to endure ours too, and there IS joy set before us! We just need to ask ourselves–and Him–“How should WE then live”.


  5. Such beautiful images day after day! Thank you so much! They help ease the anxiety we are suffering. Diann, Dagsboro, DE >


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