Not to Stop Trying…

Sometimes I think all the best poems
have been written already,
and no one has time to read them,
so why try to write more?

At other times though,
I remember how one flower
in a meadow already full of flowers
somehow adds to the general fireworks effect

as you get to the top of a hill
in Colorado, say, in high summer
and just look down at all that brimming color.
I also try to convince myself

that the smallest note of the smallest
instrument in the band,
the triangle for instance,
is important to the conductor

who stands there, pointing his finger
in the direction of the percussions,
demanding that one silvery ping.
And I decide not to stop trying,

at least not for a while, though in truth
I’d rather just sit here reading
how someone else has been acquainted
with the night already, and perfectly.

~Linda Pastan “Rereading Frost” from Queen of a Rainy Country. 

This morning

poem hopes 

that even though
its lines are broken 

its reader 

will be drawn forward to the part where blueberries
firm against fingers 

say roundness sweetness unspeakable softness
     in the morning

~L.L. Barkat, “This Morning” from The Golden Dress

I want to write with quiet hands. I
want to write while crossing the fields that are
fresh with daisies and everlasting and the
ordinary grass. I want to make poems while thinking of
the bread of heaven and the
cup of astonishment; let them be

songs in which nothing is neglected,
not a hope, not a promise. I want to make poems
that look into the earth and the heavens
and see the unseeable. I want them to honor
both the heart of faith, and the light of the world;
the gladness that says, without any words, everything.
~Mary Oliver “Everything”

I’m asked frequently by people who read this blog why I use poems by other authors when I could be writing more original work myself.

My answer, like poet Linda Pastan above is:

Sometimes I think all the best poems
have been written already,
and no one has time to read them,
so why try to write more?

Yet, like Linda, I’ve decided not to stop trying, since I’ve committed myself to being here every day with something that may help me and someone else breathe in the fragrance of words and the world. There are several hundred of you who do take time to read every day – such a privilege to share what I can with you!

Even when my lines are broken, or I say again what another has already said much better yet bears repeating — I too try to write with quiet hands, in reverence and awe for what unseeable gifts God has granted us all.

Let us celebrate by illuminating words and pictures which lift the veil.

21 thoughts on “Not to Stop Trying…

  1. I love that you share other poets’ works and introduce me to many I would otherwise, sadly, not know. I am impressed with all that you share woven together as if by one thread, amidst your very busy days.

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  2. I am one of those who are deeply grateful that you do it, Emily. You are steady in the hardest thing to be steady in, creativity. You model for me that’s it’s possible, through seasons and moods and life alterings and hidden doors… that it is possible to add something to the world every day. I look to you, truly, and at 58 I still want to be like you when I grow up. It’s the steadiness that calls to me. An artist can be steady. Who knew?!

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  3. “Let us celebrate by illuminating words and pictures which lift the veil.” Brilliant, love this, and I just love the poems you select, as well as the ones you write yourself! ♥

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  4. I am one of those hundreds that read you, and reflect and marvel at the insights you unveil through word and photo. I forget to thank you, so here it is: I am so grateful for your care and time in creating each post, whether writing in your own words or sharing others. God’s peace and blessing to you!

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  5. I always appreciate your poetry choices and your own poetry and prose! It gives me a boost every day and gives me something to ponder. Keep it up, you are a blessing to me!

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  6. agreeing with all the other comments today…please keep all this coming! you have gifts, and we like it when you share those with us! you are blessed. we are blessed. thank you!

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  7. Absolutely celebrate the illuminating words and pictures–every day! Doesn’t matter who wrote them–I so enjoy seeing who you have quoted. Keep on, Emily.

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  8. There is no question that you SHOULD continue with this ministry, dear Emily Polis Gibson. It is a MUST, a MANDATE, a GIFT from the Holy Spirit. Your love for and faithful care of one small tract of our Creator-God’s earth and your animal friends (loved like your special children), plus your innate gift of exegesis of Holy Scripture — God’s Word to us over three thousand years ago and continuing with the brief earthly life of Jesus the Christ of the Universe and His message to us then, for over two thousand years, and for every facet of our life today. His Word comes to us with ‘no time/use date.” It is TRUTH

    In Scripture’s NT( Mt 13:3-8, Mk 4:3-8, and LK 8:5-8) we read the Parable of the Sower. This well-known parable can be understood very well by farmers and by others who work planting seeds (e.g., teachers). I think that is one of the things that your ministry accomplishes, Emily — with every daily posting.
    You plant the seeds of God’s Word using photos, poetry, your personal comment, never knowing if or when they will germinate and bear results or perish
    through hostile forces. You will probably never know the effect of your work but that is not really the point. God knows your work of faithful servant, using the Gifts that you were given….

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  9. Since discovering your posts I have so enjoyed meeting unknown ( to me)) poets and prose and revel in their thoughts – but always look lower to see what you have added as a “ now” expression. A classic “….student of the ways of the kingdom…..who brings out some new things and some old things, both out of the storeroom”. Matt 13. Thank you

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  10. I agree with what everyone else has commented so far. I came to comment, and found others have captured all my many thoughts and reflections on your daily gift to us 🙂

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  11. Yes, I am known for steadiness, and need to hold my own feet to the fire to keep it up, thank you Kellie for your insights and kind words!


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