All Beauty Withered

Season of ripening fruit and seeds, depart;
There is no harvest ripening in the heart.

Bring the frost that strikes the dahlias down
In one cruel night. The blackened buds, the brown
And wilted heads, the crippled stems, we crave –
All beauty withered, crumbling to the grave.
Wind, strip off the leaves, and harden, ground,
Till in your frozen crust no break is found.

Then only, when man’s inner world is one
With barren earth and branches bared to bone,
Then only can the heart begin to know
The seeds of hope asleep beneath the snow;
Then only can the chastened spirit tap
The hidden faith still pulsing in the sap.
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh
“No Harvest Ripening

Things on the farm are slowing down and withering; it is the natural way of October for all to fall to the ground to become soil again.

I know it doesn’t mean the end – there is still the vital seed and sap that lies dormant, waiting for the right moment to re-emerge, resurrect and live again.

I know this too about myself. Yet the dying-time-of-year doesn’t get easier as I age. It only becomes more real-time and vivid. The colors fade, the skin wrinkles and dries, the fruit falls unused and softening.

Our beauty, so evident only a short time ago, thrives inward, ready to rise again when called.

3 thoughts on “All Beauty Withered

  1. Profound. Beautifully, realistically expressed. You and Anne are revealing, acknowledging, the same reality and TRUTH about our temporary
    human existence, Emily.
    Except that, because of our gift of faith in God’s enduring love and care for His creation and His faithful Presence to us in His Holy Spirit,
    we can accept by that faith and the hope that He gives to us through His promises of a forever, eternal life with Him.

    Every so often, especially when I am reeling from the madness and carnage of our world today particularly where the sanctity of human life is no longer protected. Unwanted children are torn from the womb and discarded like garbage, sold for parts, and used in beauty products. The elderly, now considered non-contributors to society and too costly to ‘warehouse’ are barely kept alive by computerized machines and meds that reduce them to zombies —
    half dead, half alive. Euthanasia (‘mercy killing’) is now legal in many states in our nation. Using the word ‘mercy’ for this procedure is an abomination.

    Because we are given the gifts of faith, hope, and belief in God’s Promises we know in our souls that He has something beautiful waiting for us
    when our earthly journey ends and we are, finally and forever, safe in His promised realm, experiencing the peace and incomparable love that only He
    can give.

    Thank you, dear Emily, for yet another beautiful ‘thinking piece.’ I am sharing it appropriately.

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