His True Beauty

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

stained glass from Meyers Studio, Munich 1899

A farmer died yesterday yet his harvest will live on.

Arnie and his wife Gretchen hadn’t farmed in a few years, if you consider farming only as the raising of dairy heifers and the milking of cows. But farming is so much more if you consider their other harvest work: sharing the produce from a beautiful garden, his volunteering in the community bringing Meals on Wheels to the home bound, transporting people to church who would never make it otherwise, and an unfailing smile and greeting at church when paying special attention to anyone he had never seen before. He wanted them to know how welcome they were.

When he wasn’t running a dairy farm, Arnie harvested people. He exchanged his tractor for an SUV which made it easy to fold up and stow a wheelchair whenever needed. He traded in his hoe for a handshake, his farmer’s cap for a promise to show up to do whatever no one else would do.

He looked for those who were struggling to keep going, who had run out of fuel and were discouraged, their hope being battered by the storms of life. Arnie searched for the light hidden within and became a reigniting fire himself, even when his own illness overwhelmed him. He helped push back darkness with a sparkle and shine reflected from the Light he kept illuminated deep within himself.

His walk with God was a thing of true beauty, like multi-colored windows of faith that reflect our Savior. Arnie became a sanctuary bathed in the glow of a powerful inner light.

A farmer has gone home, but his harvest left behind is bountiful beyond imagining. It sparkles and shines; we’ll miss that welcoming smile until that day he greets us once again at heaven’s gates.

8 thoughts on “His True Beauty

  1. A most lovely tribute! Sounds like he embodied that inner light. His farmer’s work is done now; he can reap his heavenly rewards. I know he will be missed by many!

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  2. It has been my joyful knowing experience, particularly of late, that I have seen (and occasionally engage in conversation) complete ‘ordinary’ strangers whose outward appearance belies the beauty that lies underneath in their souls that reflects a quiet, true faith and mystical, knowing peace. It is always in their eyes and often in their momentary pensive silence. They are part of that ‘army of souls’ that walk among us, reflecting God’s Presence among us.

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  3. What a beautiful eulogy for your friend. May we all be such a light to others. As you are a light for us with your blog- thank you!

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  4. So moving and beautiful! I’ll bet Arnie never saw himself that way–I’ll bet he just knew he wanted Jesus to shine through him and was perfectly humble about it! There are some people like that–too few, actually–but so loved and appreciated!!

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