This Field, This Sky, This Tree

What words or harder gift
does the light require of me
carving from the dark
this difficult tree?

What place or farther peace
do I almost see
emerging from the night
and heart of me?

The sky whitens, goes on and on.
Fields wrinkle into rows
of cotton, go on and on.
Night like a fling of crows
disperses and is gone.

What song, what home,
what calm or one clarity
can I not quite come to,
never quite see:
this field, this sky, this tree.

~Christian Wiman, “Hard Night”

Even the darkest night has a sliver of light left,
if only in our memories.
We remember how it was and how it can be —
the promise of better to come.

While the ever-changing sky swirls as a backdrop,
a tree on a hill became the focal point, as it must,
like a black hole swallowing up all pain, all suffering,
all evil threatening to consume our world.

What clarity, what calm,
what peace can be found at the foot of that tree,
where our hearts can rest in this knowledge:
our sin died there, once and for all
and our names are carved into its roots for all time.

6 thoughts on “This Field, This Sky, This Tree

  1. dear emily, i sooo needed to hear this, and see your WONDERFUL pictures today. my “son”,(a dear student of my husband’s) had a career in the air force as a photographer (with the Thunderbirds) as well as the atrocities of war. i just showed him your wonderful pics from today’s post, and he had fine things to say about your photos!!! they are especially great today, and so many of my favorite tree! thank you for all your sharing with us! you are a Godsend for me!!

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  2. Emily, I always sensed that ‘The Tree’ meant something very special to you. I think now that I know ‘WHY’ that may be so.
    Your words bespeak a treasured hallowed memory as it reaches high into the heavens.
    Sanctified for all time.

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  3. What a lovely and thought-provoking set of poems, the one you found and  quoted and the one you wrote.  Thank you for each.  Thank you for what you are doing with your life. You are so hardworking and so gifted in many ways.  I have enjoyed your work for some time and finally found the way to say it.

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