Blessed Days of More or Less

Now in the blessed days of more and less
when the news about time is that each day
there is less of it I know none of that
as I walk out through the early garden
only the day and I are here with no
before or after and the dew looks up
without a number or a present age
~W. S. Merwin “Dew Light”

A walk around the farm becomes more or less, before or after, now and then, a timelessness of shifting seasons and days each fading into the next.

A prayer is timeless, spoken to the God who was, is and ever will be, and who already knows what we are about to say. And He knows I don’t tend to say anything new.

And so He still blesses me with the light of His dew.

I began writing regularly over ten years ago as a way to explain myself to people I will never meet. Perhaps I actually am trying to explain myself to God.

God is,
if I stop to look and listen. 
Yesterday, today, tomorrow –
more or less, before or after, now and then,
ever and ever. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Blessed Days of More or Less

  1. Dear Emily, Keep on writing, explaining, as you have been. It matters. I have never met you, but read your posts every day. God is listening too. I am currently praying for my son to get a job, and reading how you pray helps me with my prayers. Thanks, Susan, pediatrician in CA

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  2. Thank you Em for sharing your more or less, before and after, God days which we all share in some way and remind us of Presence….Just Being,

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  3. I’m grateful that you want us to see what you see and that you allow us to listen in on your conversations with God. Your photos and words are a gift!

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