He Looks on Life with Quiet Eyes

  Who loves the rain    
    And loves his home, 
And looks on life with quiet eyes,  
     Him will I follow through the storm;    
     And at his hearth-fire keep me warm;
Nor hell nor heaven shall that soul surprise,    
     Who loves the rain, 
     And loves his home, 
And looks on life with quiet eyes.

~Frances Shaw, “Who loves the rain” from Look To the Rainbow

No jump-starting the day,
no bare feet slapping the floor
to bath and breakfast.

Dozing instead
in the nest
like, I suppose,
a pair of gophers

in fuzz and wood shavings.
One jostles the other
in closed-eye luxury.

We are at last
what we are:


and breath
and dream.

~Marjorie Saiser “Weekends, Sleeping In” from Beside You at the Stoplight. 

Each year, as we grow older together:
grayer, softer, gentler
with ourselves,
each other
and the world.

I pause,
on this day you were born,
to thank God yet again
for bringing you to earth
so we could meet,
raise three amazing children,
and walk this journey together
with pulse and breath and dreams.

It was your quiet brown eyes I trusted first
and just knew
I’d follow you anywhere
and I have.

4 thoughts on “He Looks on Life with Quiet Eyes

  1. Oh Emily, I just loved this! My husband and I are also about there and there is such a sweetness, such a gentle patience that has come. I loved your poem choices, and what you wrote as well. Wonderful.♥

    Liked by 2 people

  2. How blessed and fortunate you and Dan are as man and wife, making life sweet for each other.
    How blessed and fortunate are your three children (and one granddaughter) to be able to witness this special love
    and a life well lived.
    They WILL remember your beautiful legacy and be proud that they have been able to enjoy it and to emulate it in their
    own lives when their time comes.


  3. such a beautiful story of love! yours is just the way He planned it to be, and now the next generation is doing the same, and that “baby” girl will one day follow the same path. congratulations and happy birthday to your husband!

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