Declensions of the Day









The thistles, rooted out, throng in again;
The single regal rose is mobbed by weeds;
The plums, the pears, the ripening apples, rain
In the sun; and past summer plants new seeds.

Here, or there, these common yearly things
Repeat, repeat, and gardens do not range:
Yet thistles, roses, fruit trees, birds, and stings
Come to an end, and the church bells sound a change.

These many soft declensions of the day,
So hard to take to heart, bear life away.
~Dunstan Thompson from “Passage”







This winding down,
this descent into
shorter days and longer nights,
this preparation for an autumn austerity,
reminds me of my ongoing emptying,
once so full of fruit and seed,
now clinging to what is left me~
the joys, the tears,
the eyes of my brimming heart.








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3 thoughts on “Declensions of the Day

  1. According to this blog’s stats. cited in today’s post, there have been 451,000 cumulative ‘hits’ since the inception of your unique, faithful contribution to this seeking, hurting world, Emily.
    So, when you say, “once so full of fruit and seed,” and “what is left,” I say to you that our Creator-God and loving Gardner and Seed Planter chose well when he enlisted your help in His endeavor of planting the seeds of faith, hope, love, shared wisdom – thus assuring this broken world and fractured human spirits of continuing stewardship, fellowship, and service to Him until the day when His Kingdom is fulfilled – that day on which He calls us all to Himself to enjoy forever our eternal Home with Him.


  2. Dear Alice, in the world of blogs, my “hits” are meager but what wonderful readers! I have hundreds of new friends who I gratefully connect with every day, and it fills my heart. I treasure you! Emily


  3. And many silently appreciate every day…every leaf and magic of Nature….and the wonderful ‘replies’


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