The Nation-healing Tree of Life

Sometimes, hard-trying,
it seems I cannot pray–
For doubt, and pain,

and anger, and all strife.

Yet some poor half-fledged prayer-bird from the nest
May fall, flit, fly, perch–crouch in the bowery breast
Of the large, nation-healing tree of life;–

Moveless there sit

through all the burning day,
And on my heart at night

a fresh leaf cooling lay.
~George MacDonald from Diary of an Old Soul

I suspect I’m not the only U.S. citizen who slept fitfully last night, anxious about the election and how our nation’s peoples will accept and move on with life once official results are reported.

There can be no response but to bow in earnest prayer, waiting for a long-needed hatching of healing peace for our diverse beliefs and opinions.

Our lives are half-fledged, not yet fully delivered nor understood, doubt and distrust burns into our flesh like thorns on fire. 

We have become a seething-angry and moaning-sore nation — today we will be further divided between those who win and those who lose.  The moral high ground will go to the graceful loser who concedes defeat in a spirit of unity without stoking the fires of discontent. A gloating winner would bloat us all beyond recognition.

May our prayers for peace rise like a dove from hearts in turmoil,  once again to soar on the wings of eagles.

Peace, come quickly.
Be moved within us; no longer immobile.
Cool our angry words.
Take us to higher ground.
Plow deep our hearts.

6 thoughts on “The Nation-healing Tree of Life

  1. I’ve arrived at the sense that what will be will be.
    All I can do is trust and lean into God’s love.
    The rest…let it go.
    I have no control. That I have learned in the last 3 years.
    Concerning the eagle.
    Back on the farm I saw an eagle from time to time…fly high fly low.
    In the last month, a friend from back home sent me a picture
    of two eagles in a tree across the field.
    The freedom of the eagle on wing is a marvelous thing to behold.
    May we in the good old USA continue to experience freedom.

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  2. Dear Emily,
    On the day after the long-awaited acrimonious stress-laden election, your appropriate plea to ‘plow deep our hearts,’ set me to looking for the necessity and expectations of plowing – or tilling – of our human hearts and eternal souls in our present divided turbulent history. These should include::

    – Seeking those persons and policies that we believe to be just and merciful, possessing equally caring compassionate leadership — qualities that have demonstrated attitudes toward and treatment of ALL people with whom we share this tiny planet within a vast Universe — all gifts from our loving Creator-God….
    My search included the meaning that ‘plowing’ is generally defined as:

    – Breaking open the earth – preparing for new seeds, cutting (furrowing), loosening the soil to bury previous crop residue that will allow new roots to penetrate deeper into the soil.

    – Aeration to prevent weed and other harmful infiltration….
    – Most important are the ‘balancing’ of all procedures and the selection of the right most effective tiller….

    Thank you for your thoughtful, healing thoughts.

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