God in the Details





Poetry is what you find
in the dirt in the corner,

overhear on the bus,
God in the details,

the only way to get from here to there.
Poetry (and now my voice is rising)

is not all love, love, love,
and I’m sorry the dog died.

Poetry (here I hear myself loudest)
is the human voice,

and are we not of interest to each other?
~Elizabeth Alexander from “Ars Poetica #100: I Believe”




I started writing regularly over ten years ago as a way to explain who I am to people I will never meet. A few have recognized my human voice and shown an interest.  Some are just picture people and find the words unnecessary.

The photos as well as the words make up my voice, now preserved in a timeless trove of ever-changing sunrises and sunsets, of trees that bloom and fruit and shed to naked, of a small part of creation that is just like me.

God is in the details of our lives if we only we stop to look and listen.  How we meet each other matters as He joins our hands on this journey together.

And when will I hear you tell your story?





8 thoughts on “God in the Details

  1. The poems, the photos, your story, are all a balm to me. When I get to feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, a turn to Barnstorming, and step back into the farm that holds a special place in my heart, even though I was only there a few times. Thank you for taking the time, in your very busy life, to share your story and your world.

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  2. Hear my story? The beautiful part of your voice telling your story is as we listen, we hear our own stories being voiced. Your stories and photos give words to the inexpressible within us, and we recognize the details. Your story is what’s our story too. But you say it so much

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  3. You speak the human language-there is something for everyone in your writing and photography. It brings me peace and a smile in this hectic world. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world…and yes, I agree, you say it much nicer!

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  4. This happened today after the worship service.

    Just as I exited the pew, I noticed a couple walking by who I’d never seen before, so I asked if this was their first time here.
    They replied, “I do not speak English.”
    WOW! Really??

    So, there ensued a wonderful amazing divinely inspired encounter in which the good gift of a smartphone came into play. They wrote a sentence in Russian, and I read the English translation, then we reversed until I learned that they’ve just moved to Longview from Kazakhstan on Oct 10th and his brother has lived here 21 years and has 8 kids (!). They live in an apt on Washington Way and he’s going to work at Foster Farms. She wrote that she didn’t receive (or maybe it was, know) Jesus in Kazakhstan where they’re from. Yet when Renee and I were talking with her (lots of pantomime and phone writing) she has Jesus in her heart now and she’s full of love! She is so sweet! And I’ve been invited to come visit. Which I will! I can’t wait to find out her story!
    Victoria, who so enjoys your posts and photos. Thank you!


  5. Em, Missed you at the Messiah this afternoon. We talked about how music weaves lives/stories together. Thanks for ALL the ways you do that.


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