Submerged Day After Day





If God makes the world, populates the world,
infuses the world with every kind of ethical meaning,
then the signature of God is the beauty of the world.
Why even imagine a mystical experience when we’re born into one,
submerged in one, day after day?
~Marilynne Robinson from Image Journal








I’m reminded,
drowning in a morass of tiny details,
trying to make sense
of the incomprehensible~
life sometimes spread so thin
it’s punched with gaping holes
filled only by God’s breath.
This is Him
staking His claim
by signing His name
on our hearts.
There is beauty in the world
from our insides out,
submerged in
every hole of nothingness,
every connecting thread
every letter He has ever written
reminding us we are His.







2 thoughts on “Submerged Day After Day

  1. So true, so comforting — words to believe in and cling to when the going gets tough, when we feel assailed, overcome, outnumbered, tempted to surrender to the pervasive endless evil that is encroaching upon our lives and ceaselessly grinding us down into despair —
    These are your undeniable Spirit-filled words that will remind me, calm my soul, and fill me with hope, Emily:

    ‘signing his name on our hearts…staking his claim…reminding us [that] we are his’….
    And: we have also been assured that ‘the gates of hell will not prevail…’

    Thank you, sister in Christ!


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