To Thank the Light






Now a red, sleepy sun above the rim 
Of twilight stares along the quiet weald, 
And the kind, simple country shines revealed 
In solitudes of peace, no longer dim.
The old horse lifts his face and thanks the light, 
Then stretches down his head to crop the green. 
All things that he has loved are in his sight; 
The places where his happiness has been 
Are in his eyes, his heart, and they are good.
~Siegfried Sassoon from “Break of Day”








I am growing older along with my horses. I think of them out to pasture throughout my workday as I continue to climb in the harness to pull the load as fast and hard as I can muster, returning home in the evening sore and weary.

I think of them with the morning sun on their withers, the green blades under their feet, as they search for the sweetest tender patch to munch.

They remind me to bring the calm of the pasture inside to balance the noise and bustle and troubles found in the clinic.  There still is peace and light to be found; I have only to look for it.


“To practice medicine with good spirit does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to bring your calm and loving heart right into the midst of it.” from








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4 thoughts on “To Thank the Light

  1. Greetings from Aurora, Oregon!

    Thank you for being you and for sharing. I need to get out to do farm chores (the dog is lifting and the rains are coming) so I must be brief. After I made the $10 payment, it occurred to me that I believe the lack of ads is part of what makes your blog so peaceful, meditative and wonderful. There is no competition for my easily distracted attention. The well curative poems and writings of others and your well crafted thoughts and observations are allowed to sink in. Many, many thanks!!

    Barb Pearson

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  2. Once again Emily, your selections, photos, and own words brought good tears to my eyes and heart. Thank you and God bless you!

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  3. How true Emily. I love how our Haflingers (horses) teach us to be in the moment, to keep breathing and pay attention to our alpha (God). As my Scharly deals with her arthritis, I also feel the aches and pains of aging. Stretching, moving and enjoying each moment…


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