Only six months ago
on a winter morning
waking dark to part
From your warm side,
leaving behind my soft imprint,
I wrapped up in robe
to walk the gravel drive
for the newspaper.

Our hilltop farm
lies silent amid fallow fields
moon shadows
broad across my path
star sparks overhead
tree lined yard shields
the house from road.

In ink of early morning
I walk noiseless;
step out to the mailbox
then turn~ startled~
a flashlight approaching on the road-
an early walker and his dog
illuminate me in dawn disarray
like a deer in headlights:
my ruffled hair,  my sleep-lined face
uncovered in the darkness:

Today this summer morning
wakes me early to streaming light
poured out on quilt and blankets.
I part from your warmth again
readied for this ritual walk.
Dew sparkling below
rich foliage above
road stretches empty
for miles east and west

Crossing the road
I reach for the paper
suddenly surrounded by
a bovine audience
appreciative and nodding
riveted by my bold approach
in broad daylight.
They abruptly scatter, tails in the air
when in rumpled robe and woolen slippers
I dance and twirl, illuminated
in hilltop celebration of such
an ordinary life
and extraordinary love




7 thoughts on “Illuminated

  1. Love, love, love your poetry of ordinariness and the joy of it all! Thank you for your daily offerings. We so appreciate your sharing.


  2. And I see the surprise in both of your eyes when the early walker caught sight of you! Thanks for sharing your joy and appreciation of life!


  3. Exquisite. I felt as if I were right behind you in your early morning mailbox jaunt. You surely
    have the mind and heart of a poet, Emily. Taking ordinary commonplace words and ideas,
    you dress them up or pare them down to essentials and beyond to create a picture that sings with life.

    The following touched my imagination and my spirit in a special way:
    – ink of early morning
    – dark to port
    – star sparks
    – ordinary life and extraordinary life exposed

    Thank you for reminding me that IT IS the ‘ordinary life’ that we lead that centers us,
    keeps our vision and our resolve on what is important, what is not to be ignored or to be viewed as trivial.


  4. Your words and pictures remind me how important it is to soak up and embrace God’s love all around us as opposed to being driven to check off duties on our to-do lists. I feel freer to enjoy the day already! Thank you, Emily.


  5. A beautiful poem! And, for me, evocative or another physician’s early morning thoughts–an all-time favorite: “Danse Russe” by William Carlos Williams: If I when my wife is sleeping/and the baby and Kathleen/are sleeping/and the sun is a flame-white disc/in silken mists/above shining trees,/ -if I in my north room/dance naked, grotesquely/before my mirror/waving my shirt round my head/and singing softly to myself:/ “I am lonely, lonely./
    I was born to be lonely,/I am best so!”/ If I admire my arms, my face,/my shoulders, flanks, buttocks/against the yellow drawn shades,/ Who shall say I am not/ the happy genius of my household?


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