A Shimmering Evening Light

Lined with light
the twigs are stubby arrows.
A gilded trunk writhes
Upward from the roots,
from the pit of the black tentacles.

In the book of spring
a bare-limbed torso
is the first illustration.

Light teaches the tree
to beget leaves,
to embroider itself all over
with green reality,
until summer becomes
its steady portrait
and birds bring their lifetime
to the boughs.

Then even the corpse
light copies from below
may shimmer, dreaming it feels
the cheeks of blossom.
~May Swenson “April Light”

For over two years, we have been surrounded
by a shimmering corpse light hovering close,
masked and wary when we needed each other most.

Even so, the world is not defeated by death.

An unprecedented illumination
emerged from the tomb on a bright Sabbath morning
to guarantee that
we struggling people,
we who became no more than bare twigs and stubs,
we who feel at times hardly alive,
are now begetting green,
ready to burst into blossom,
our glowing cheeks pink with life,
a picture of our future fruitfulness.


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One thought on “A Shimmering Evening Light

  1. Once again, dear Emily, you transfix the soul, bringing latent tears of suffering acknowledged — the result of our Savior’s indescribable gift to us as he surmounted death and won victory upon His Cross.
    A gift that defies our limited human nature to describe, but to believe, hope, and trust in His Word as He accompanies us in Spirit unto the inevitable death of our present existence upon our temporary Journey and the new birth with Him for Eternity.

    The astounding, pervasive Light that you show so emphatically here —
    I could run naked through its rays and let my soul absorb and revel in its warm, radiating Presence — a foretaste of the unbridled luminescence that, one day, I will begin to live — for the very first time — in Peace and in Healing, Forever!

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