Let Us Go In



Let us go in; the fog is rising…
~Emily Dickinson, her last words






I have watched the dying
in their last hours:
often they see what I cannot,
listen to what is beyond my hearing,
stretch their arms overhead
as fingers touch what is beyond my reach.

I watch and wonder what it will be like
to reverse the steps that brought me here
from the fog of amnion.

The mist of living lifts
as we enter a place
unsurpassed in brilliance and clarity;
the mystery of what lies beyond is solved
simply by going in.









3 thoughts on “Let Us Go In

  1. Beautiful Emily, just beautiful. And then it is revealed….. love, just love. Breathe, just breathe…


  2. Again, so beautiful and timely for me. My dear sweet so beloved 89 year old mom passed Saturday evening, and this has brought me such comfort as I face today. Thank you Emily for listening to the prompting of the Hoky Spirit as you share insight.


  3. Thank you for letting me know this has been balm to your spirit during your first week without your sweet mother on this earth. My mom passed at age 88, so I know the depth of the feeling and the sense of loss, but such comfort too in knowing she left here for glory at Home. Tender hugs to you, Emily

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