A Melancholy Nature




A fine rain was falling, and the landscape was that of autumn. 
The sky was hung with various shades of gray,
and mists hovered about the distant mountains
– a melancholy nature. 
Every landscape is,
as it were,
a state of the soul,
and whoever penetrates into both
is astonished to find how much likeness there is in each detail.
~Henri Frederic Amiel


What is melancholy
at first glance
glistens bejeweled
when studied up close.

It isn’t all sadness~
there is solace in knowing
the landscape and I share
an inner world of tears.





4 thoughts on “A Melancholy Nature

  1. Thank you for your most thoughtful, appropriate words, Emily. I had to re-acquaint myself with the definition of ‘melancholia.’ Found two words in addition to the appropriate ones you have already used in today’s posting: pensiveness and {the} blues.
    You are right — it is not all sadness, and we do feel that emotion in our souls at times. It would be unrealistic to assume otherwise. We need to experience that emotion sometimes otherwise we would not have the glory and lifting up of joy and thanksgiving for all the good things that occur in our lives.
    Not forgetting, also, what the Gospel writers tell us about the times when Jesus felt such emotions.
    It is important that we share with others our inner world of tears. I refer especially to those who live their lives on the edges of society, in a state of physical deprivation and spiritual hopelessness.


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