Leaving the Wilderness: Peaks and Valleys

One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak.

It is all a matter of perspective-
what we see from where we stand
as we walk through the wilderness
of these difficult times.

it takes great strength and determination to climb a peak,
looking down upon the valley left far below
where even mighty mountains seem diminished.

Yet what gives our lives most meaning,
what encourages our faith,
what instills our hope
is how we are met by the Lord
in the darkest of valleys.

He dwells alongside us this week
watching over us,
never leaving us,
always encouraging us
to lift our eyes to the hills,
to gaze at His dream-like peaks above.

photo by Josh Scholten — view of Mt Shuksan from the top of Mt. Baker
photo by Josh Scholten – dawn from the top of Mt. Baker, seeing its shadow to the west

One thought on “Leaving the Wilderness: Peaks and Valleys

  1. Thank you for this, Emily.
    Your belief that “… we are met by the Lord in the darkest of valleys” is so true and comforting.
    I believe this also and have experienced it. It IS real. It is not something
    that is physically felt within the context of normal bodily functions but in KNOWING, FEELING
    that blessed, holy special place where His Spirit exists within us. I think that,
    if it were visible to us we would see a LIGHT that never goes out or even dims or flickers in
    uncertainty or lack of resolve in its faithful loving and caring.
    When we are at our most stricken, lost and feeling helpless by the darkness of temptation, unknowing, or spiritual doubt, the LIGHT exhibits a unique glow so that we may see it more clearly as He leads us out of our darkness, regenerated with a knowing feeling, a sense of hope that,
    YES! He does always keep His promise that He is there and that He will never
    leave us to face our times of darkness alone.

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