Leaving the Wilderness: Blown Away

A brief and unexpected Palm Sunday storm blew through yesterday afternoon with gusts of southerly winds, horizontal rain and noisy hale. I had left the north/south center aisle doors wide open after morning chores, so the storm also blew through the barn. Hay, empty buckets, horse halters and cat food were strewn about. The Haflinger horses stood wide-eyed and fretful in their stalls as the hail on the metal roof hammered away.

Once I got the doors closed and secured, all was soon made right. The horses relaxed and got back to their meals and things felt normal again.

Today, Holy Monday morning, all seems calm. The barn is still there, the roof still on, the horses where they belong and all seems to be as it was before the barnstorming wind. Or so it might appear.

This wind heralds another storm beginning this week that hits with such force that I’m knocked off my feet, blown away, and left bruised and breathless. No latches, locks, or barricades are strong enough to protect me from what will come over the next few days.

Yesterday he rode in on a donkey softly, humbly, and wept at what he knew must come.

Today, he overturns the tables in his fury.

Tomorrow he describes the destruction that is to happen, yet no one understands.

Wednesday, a woman boldly anoints him with precious oil, as preparation.

On Thursday, he kneels before his friends, pours water over their dusty feet, presides over a simple meal, and later, abandoned, sweats blood in agonized prayer.

By Friday, all culminates in a most perfect storm, transforming everything in its path, leaving nothing untouched, the curtain torn, the veil removed.

The silence on Saturday is deafening.

Next Sunday, the Son rises, sheds his shroud and neatly folds was is no longer needed. He is nearly unrecognizable in his glory.

He calls my name, my heart burns within me at his words and I can never be the same again.

I am, once again, barnstormed to the depths of my soul. Doors flung open wide, my roof pulled off, everything of no consequence blown away and now replaced, renewed and reconciled.

May it be done this week as he has said, again and yet again, year after year, life after life.

1. Courage, my soul, and let us journey on,
Tho’ the night is dark, it won’t be very long.
Thanks be to God, the morning light appears,
And the storm is passing over, Hallelujah!

Chorus: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The storm is passing over, Hallelujah!

2. Billows rolling high, and thunder shakes the ground,
Lightnings flash, and tempest all around,
Jesus walks the sea and calms the angry waves,
And the storm is passing over, Hallelujah! [Chorus]

3. The stars have disappeared, and distant lights are dim,
My soul is filled with fears, the seas are breaking in.
I hear the Master cry, “Be not afraid, ’tis I,”
And the storm is passing over, Hallelujah!

4. Soon we shall reach the distant shining shore,
Free from all the storms, we’ll rest forevermore.
Safe within the veil, we’ll furl the riven sail,
And the storm will all be over, Hallelujah! [Chorus]

7 thoughts on “Leaving the Wilderness: Blown Away

  1. I’ve been searching this morning for what message I want to give in my children’s message on Sunday and you have given it to me here: “He calls my name, my heart burns within me at his words and I can never be the same again.” Thank you for your thoughtful post, once again.

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  2. Hi Emily,

    I love your blog! I love the photos, poetry and insights you share.

    Your photos are beautiful. They often help to relax me and remind me of God’s beauty.

    Would you mind sharing what are your favorite lenses? I noticed you have beautiful close-up photos of flowers, some wider angle scenery photos, and great pet photos. I’m a beginning photographer and recently purchased my first Canon DSLR. I have a 50mm 2.8f lens but would like to purchase a couple extra lenses. Which ones do you find most useful? I am open to other resources or learning opportunities you may have.

    Thank you for considering my question!


    Lynn Kim


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  3. Thank you, Lynn, for your kind words! I’m embarrassed to say I don’t own any lenses. Some of my photos are taken with my Canon EOS Rebel but more and more I rely on my iPhone X- it is always with me and the Canon just isn’t, especially in the barn. I was about to invest in special lenses too but find the iPhone so easy, I’m not sure I’ll ever be a “real” photographer who knows lenses and settings. Not a very satisfying answer, I know!


  4. I know I am falling behind, on this week of all weeks when I feel his journey most deeply. Your expression… powerful, beautiful, eye opening, heart rending, heart mending…. I just loved this one so very much! Thank you Emily.

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