Sunlight and Shadow







A girl comes out
of the barn, holding
a lantern
like a bucket of milk

or like a lantern.
Her shadow’s there.
They pump a bucket of water
and loosen their blouses,

they lead the mare out
from the field
their thin legs
blending with the wheat.

Crack a green kernel
in your teeth.  Mist
in the fields,
along the clay road

the mare’s footsteps
fill up with milk.
~Franz Wright  “Morning”




Each morning as I rise to let the horses out to graze for the day,
I’m once again that girl who woke early
to climb on horseback to greet the summer dawn,
with mist in my hair and dew on my boots,
picking ripe blackberries and blueberries as we rode past.

The angled light always drew sharper shadow lines as the sun rose
until I knew it was time to turn around, each hoof step taking us home
to clean barn, do chores, hang the laundry, weed the garden until sunset.

Sunlight creates and erases all that is shadow.











5 thoughts on “Sunlight and Shadow

  1. I echo Kellie’s mournful but true comment here. We often become distracted by fleeting meaningless things that tend to ignore or to shut out the the simple, uncomplicated, soul-enriching moments that make lasting memories in our lives — those that bring peace and appreciation for a life simply but fully lived, and eventually shared with others whom we leave behind when our journey ends.
    In the here and now, however, we are given the precious gift of faith:
    We are shepherded and nourished by THE SON’S LIGHT that erases all that is shadow. He has not left us alone – sightless and without hope….

    Thank you, Emily, for a glimpse of one of your early memories that has helped to form the beautiful woman that you are….

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  2. Oh yes, the sweet memories of a horse girl….the sun rising with the beautiful colors in the sky, the smells that fill the senses as I bury my face into the neck of my Sugar then, my Scharly now. And I forget about the aches and stiffness of today as I walk down to the barn to start my morning with my favorite chores……
    Thanks Emily, beautiful post, beautiful pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

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