I’m Glad I’m Here





I believe you’ll be able to say, as I can say today: ‘I’m glad I’m here.’
Believe me, all of you, the best way to help the places we live in is to be glad we live there.

~Edith Wharton from Summer










I’m reminded today and every day: I’m glad I’m here. I would choose no other place to be.

I’m especially thankful as I gaze out at this 360 degree landscape every morning and again as the evening light flames bright before fading at night.

This place — with its vast field vistas, its flowing grasses, its tall firs, its mountain backdrops — has been beautiful for generations of native people and homesteaders before I ever arrived thirty three years ago.

It will remain so for many more generations long after I am dust – gladness is the best fertilizer I can offer up to accompany God-given sun and rain.

May this land glow rich with gladness.











2 thoughts on “I’m Glad I’m Here

  1. And I’m glad I’m here…where I have been for the last 7 months.
    Isn’t it wonderful to be content … one day at a time…
    One never knows when or what will change where I am.

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  2. Thank you so much for drawing me towards the word, Glad. It will enrich my mind and heart throughout this day and beyond. I recall the opening words from Milton’s hymn:
    “Let us with a gladsome mind,
    Praise the Lord for he is kind,
    For his mercies ay endure,
    Ever faithful, ever sure.”
    I would like to nourish gladness in my soul.


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