The Stones Themselves Will Start to Sing: When I Am Alone

When I am alone, give me Jesus
Give me Jesus,
You can have all this world,
But give me Jesus
~Jeremy Camp

God wants to always be with us, wherever we may be –
in our sin, in our suffering and death.
We are no longer alone;
God is with us.
We are no longer homeless;
a bit of the eternal home itself has moved unto us. 
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I have found, over the years, I don’t do alone well.  Never have.  I’ve always preferred plenty of activity around me, planning gatherings and communal meals, and filling up my days to the brim with all manner of socializing. 

I don’t prefer my own company. There is no glossing over my flaws nor distracting myself from where I fall short.  Alone is an unforgiving mirror reflecting back what I keep myself too busy to see.

Most people around the world have experienced unprecedented aloneness during the last two years of social isolation. As we tentatively emerge from our COVID cocoons due to dropping case rates, “being together” can still feel somewhat risky and unfamiliar, especially when reading headlines of new variant surges on the horizon.

Despite this, despite two years of isolation, worry and concern:
I have never been truly alone.

I need not fear all this world with its unending troubles:

Give me Jesus.
God is with us.

This year’s Lenten theme for Barnstorming is a daily selection from songs and hymns about Christ’s profound sacrifice on our behalf.

If we remain silent about Him, the stones themselves will shout out and start to sing (Luke 19:40).

In His name, may we sing…


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One thought on “The Stones Themselves Will Start to Sing: When I Am Alone

  1. This important faith affirmation of Jesus’ Presence with us, as He promised, needs to be
    remembered and believed — not only by Christians, but by every single person in our world who feels terrifyingly alone — abandoned or forgotten, as their homelands are invaded, reduced to rubble, and survivors forced to quickly bury their dead in hastily dug trenches. They next thing that they must do is to find a country that will accept them for an indeterminate period of time.

    Among the victims who must flee their homes, are thousands of helpless children – from birth
    to perhaps teenage (We have the cruel, mismanaged experience in Mexico where children
    crossed into the U.S. without parents or relatives and were ‘caged’ in various Government
    holding pens. Inaccurate records were hastily kept to know where (and by whom) these children
    were sent. The results are still spotty and incomplete even as of this date. It has been confirmed
    that some children are ‘lost’ forever. Some have been ‘placed’ with unknown persons for use
    as unpaid private home workers. Others have been sold and transported to other countries —
    to fill the burgeoning growth of the child sex trade. I pray each night that, somehow, Jesus, in His
    Love and Mercy will help these innocent souls and let them know that they are not alone. Perhaps He may take them Home – to Him – where they will be forever safe….

    Your comforting words, Emily, are perfect for today’s post theme:
    “Give me Jesus.”
    “God is with Us.”

    Liked by 1 person

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