The First Gray Hair





The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes








August has been particularly wearing on so many folks this year, aging us beyond recognition after weeks of smoke-filled horizons.  Those whose forests and homes have burned have nothing but cinders to return to.  My concerns are mere in comparison, as the ash sent forth from such destruction is only irritant and inconvenience, rather than the residue of lost life.

Yet no one thrives in a world of fire and ash as we go gray as the sky, as if we have lived one summer too many.

I dream of what was: green and lush foliage and cool rains with the occasional welcome glimpse of a yellow, rather than red, sun.

Color the gray away to thwart the inevitable?  Not this woman.  I await a different beauty, even if only in my dreams…









4 thoughts on “The First Gray Hair

  1. We continue to be blessed by your thoughtful and personal reflections that bring blessings and perspective to our lives. The Lord is using you to guide us and remind us of our blessings even in the midst of struggles, loss and sadness. Glenn and Chris Perica in Ft. Collins, CO

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  2. Color gray hair? Why bother when wrinkles, skin and arthritic hands show I’m 78. My husband still loves me. Grandchildren still hug me. And my physical age lends a sort of street cred when caring for frail, sick and dying individuals.

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  3. Many years ago, my daughter, who was riding on my shoulders, exclaimed “Dad, you’ve got a grey hair!” and she pulled it out. Then another, and another. I stopped her with some hair remaining. Nowadays, there’s nothing but gray and each is a treasured milestone of a rich and adventurous life. I sincerely appreciate your poetic reflections which serve to remind me of the wonders of being. thank you!

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  4. Here in my area in Pennsylvania we have been having
    one rain downpour after another and another and another.
    Amazing how full of rain the skies have been this summer.

    Last summer was wet with weekly rains
    keeping the grass green and the pond overflowing,
    but this summer even more.
    The corn is standing in water in some places.

    Too little rain or too much…both can cause heartache.
    Only leaning into God helps one make it through the challenge of the day…
    the week…the season…the year.

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