Their Eyes Shine, Reflecting Stars







Two whistles, one for each,
and familiar sounds draw close in darkness—
cadence of hoof on hardened bottomland,
twinned blowing of air through nostrils curious, flared.
They come deepened and muscular movements
conjured out of sleep: each small noise and scent
heavy with earth, simple beyond communion…

…and in the night, their mares’ eyes shine, reflecting stars,
the entire, outer light of the world here. 
~Jane Hirschfield from “After Work”






It’s tempting to fall into this fathomless well –
Their eyes are what I see first,
This retinal magnet drawing my own into
Such incalculable depths.

Yet I’m merely reflected like starlight;
Only dancing on a mirrored surface
When I long to dive in deeper~
To be so lost I must be found.









6 thoughts on “Their Eyes Shine, Reflecting Stars

  1. I am no judge of horses. The only ones that I have seen up close are the thoroughbreds at the annual Saratoga meet each year as they are paraded from their barns to the track. The pics that you show of your Haflinger beauties, Emily, are something special. It is in their eyes — those liquid dark reflective pools that seem to speak, to know and to understand the world about them. I know that probably sounds romantic. So be it. I think if I were up close to these beautiful horses I would be hypnotized by their eyes. Even their long eyelashes are spectacular. What a wonderful place for your children to grow up and what precious memories they will have….

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