We Sing Together – All is Changed Utterly

All changed,
changed utterly:  
 A terrible beauty is born.
~William Butler Yeats from “Easter, 1916”

Let Him easter in us,
be a dayspring to the dimness of us,
be a crimson-cresseted east.
― Gerard Manley Hopkins from “The Wreck of the Deutschland”

It has been a slow coming of spring this year, seeming in no hurry whatsoever.  Snow, sleet and hail fell on our farm just this past week with the mountains piled high with white and the greening of the fields yet to begin.

The soil is too cold and damp to plant and our animals want to hang onto their winter hair, reluctant to give it up in chill winds.

Like Narnia, winter still has its terrible grip on us – and not just in terms of weather trends. We live in a world at war and we as individuals continue to find ways to argue among ourselves after a two year pandemic.

So here we are, frozen in a darkened world, thawed by a Risen Son who shines and actually warms us from our prolonged dormancy.

This is exactly what eastering is.  It is awakening out of a restless sleep, opening the door to let in fresh air, and the heavy stone that locked us in the dark is now rolled back, never to cover us again.

Overnight all is changed, changed utterly.

He is not only risen.  He is given indeed.


2 thoughts on “We Sing Together – All is Changed Utterly

  1. Happy Resurrection Day to all!

    He is not here; for He has risen, as He said. Come, see the place where He lay.

    Matthew 28:6

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  2. I hope it works this time! Word Press gives me a hard time! I was rejoicing in this wonderful finale for your Lenten gifts to us, Emily–and the music you chose for today were so perfect. I can’t hear this Keith Green song without a bittersweet pang–his ministry so impacted our kids’ teen hearts! They got to attend one of his concerts just shortly before his tragic home-going. But who could help being filled with triumphant joy, listening to both his and Getty’s Resurrection “Hallelujah”s!!

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