Lost Moments

When I was a child, I had a powerful sense that I wanted to commemorate things. I even remember thinking at the time that it was a strange word for a twelve-year old to use.

… it is the idea that every life is sacred and that life is composed of details, of lost moments, of things that nobody cares about, including the people who are wounded or overjoyed by those moments. I don’t think people allow themselves to value their lives enough. They ignore and discard these fragments.

I would like my writing to be precise enough, detailed enough so that the attention I bring to bear on something unlocks a door to the reader’s life. In that way, by honoring one’s own life, it’s possible to extend empathy and compassion to others.
~Patricia Hampl – Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall and Winter 1995 (interview)

photo by Ben Gibson

I have been writing here nearly daily for over twelve years:

I have come to know so many of you who I will never meet face to face
but who share with me:
your love of beautiful words and pictures,
your love of the land we all steward,
your love of good stories and poetry,
your love of your animal companions,
your love of hanging on to lost moments,
and most of all —
your love of our resurrected Lord.

What do I seek to commemorate in my words and photos as I prepare this daily?

I know your light and love illuminates as it finds its way
through the darkest and thorniest corners of my life:
how precious is a kind word, a silent tear, a crooked smile, a whispered prayer.

What do I want you to experience having visited here?

I want you to remember
there is warmth in these words
and colors in these photos
that don’t come close to what it is like for real,
that lost moments will be found and cherished.

I want you to know that each morning,
I send out this love to thousands I’ll never meet but feel I know,
as you are nevertheless my Barnstorming brothers and sisters.

Carry me with you and pass the light forward.
Keep lost moments in your pocket to pull out when needed.
Open this door to others and welcome them in.
You never know where it could take them.

A book of beauty in words and photos you can share with others, available to order here:

7 thoughts on “Lost Moments

  1. Thank you for twelve years and longer.. Today is Mission Sunday, you have gone out to the world with The Good News. Good news that our everyday lives are at one with each other and the world even to the cosmos .

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  2. Emily, because of you sharing your words, photos, music and others’ writings we feel we know you after following your blog for years. You help us to see and appreciate moments that are not lost but become part of who we are. Our prayer is that God uses all we take in to lead us on paths He would have us travel. As always, thank you!

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  3. Thank you for all the years that you have shared your faith and resolve with us. The ministry that He
    has chosen for you and that you faithfully carry on through this blog and is manifested also in your marriage, family life, medical career and the many ‘friends’ whom you have made — seen and unseen – stirred by and faithful to your efforts through your daily message(s)..

    I don’t suggest that it is an exaggeration to believe that your ministry is one example of a Christian disciple and follower to compare it as a ‘light to the nations’ because of those in other countries who
    subscribe to and comment on “Barnstorming.’

    Praying that your stamina and health sustain your efforts to carry on for a long time, dear Emily. Your message – your daily efforts – are direly needed in this ever-increasing, dangerous, anti-God world.

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  4. Love, love, love your heart, Emily. I didn’t discover your work 12 years ago, but I have enjoyed and benefitted from it for close to a decade. And I know I will for however many more years the Father graces you with the ability to continue.

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