Holding On Together

feels like a day
to unplug the dryer
and hang
laundry on the line
in the back yard
next to the busy street
where all the truckers
and farmers
and school kids
drive by

but i don’t
have a clothes line.
~LW Lindquist “today”

Through the window I see
Her, my neighbour.
She hangs his shirt.
It thunders in the breeze.
Clasped by a clothespin
Beside her pale dress.
Side by side, they move.
The clothespin is all
That holds them
~Ronda Bower “The Clothespin”

Silken web undulates,
a lady’s private wash
upon the wind.
~L.L. Barkat

We do have a clothesline that I use several times a week to take advantage of sunlight, breezes, fresh air fragrance – all at no cost but the time it takes to carry laundry outside, hang it up with my ancient clothespins, and then pull it back down at the end of the day.

It is well worth the effort; I have been fortunate to always live where there is a line and clothespins.

This morning, I found someone had been very busy during the night, securing the clothespins to the line to make sure the pins could not escape. Each pin and hinge were laced to the line with silken threads clinging tightly, just in case a pin might consider escaping.

I looked for this industrious spider, as it had trekked down a long line, working its webby magic through numerous clothespins, yet it had descended and snuck away, not even waiting to see what might happen to all its work.

The old and weathered clothespins patiently wait for their next job, to pinch together what I give them to hold on to tomorrow. In the meantime, they cling to fresh life, gaily festooned with gossamer silk.

5 thoughts on “Holding On Together

  1. The Clothes Pin

    How much better it is
    to carry wood to the fire
    than to moan about your life.
    How much better
    to throw the garbage
    onto the compost, ot to pin the clean
    Sheet on the line
    With a gray-brown wooden clothes pin!

    –Jane Kenyon

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  2. I enjoy this post about clothespins! In our family clothespins are also known as hugs. We try to bless one another with a clothespin discreetly pinned on the back of a hoodie or a braid during family gatherings. It’s sort of a “love you” twist of tag! Our girls have further blessed each other with a blitz of “hugs” when moving into a new dorm room or apartment. They find hugs in all kinds of places and at special times, like getting into bed at night. It’s a sweet tradition of reminding on another that we do belong together, that we hold onto each other in our hearts. Clothespin Hugs are sister love notes in our world 🙂

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